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Cloud in lockdown: Work flexibly with the cloud

As we take a look at the impact of the past 12 months, the dental industry has been far from untouched. Dentally has continued to create versatile solutions for practices so that they can provide access and deliver essential services to those in need, both in and out of lockdown. With our cloud-enabled practice management software, you can run your practice in a way that suits you and your team. 

Work remotely

In Dentally’s latest ‘State of Dentistry’ report, 78% of dentists said that technology can help them establish greater flexibility in their work-life balance. Completing admin tasks away from the surgery is just one way Dentally has enabled dentists to reduce staff numbers in practices and keep up with the ‘new normal’ of working from home during and post-lockdown. With no requirement for expensive hardware or clunky servers, practice staff have the ability to access everything they need to continue work as usual safely and securely from their own home by simply:

  1. Checking they have WIFI/4G access
  2. Downloading a Google Chrome browser onto their chosen compatible device
  3. Logging in securely using two-factor authentication 

Integrated features such as outbound telephone calling allow your reception team to stay connected to patients and continue to provide the same excellent customer service that you would expect on-site. From the click of a button, returning phone calls and telephone triages can be carried out seamlessly, directly from a patient file or Task List - all without the staff member incurring any personal telephone costs.

Data security is at the heart of what we do. With access to; automatic backups, data encryption, two-factor authentication and the ability to change permission levels across user accounts - you can have complete confidence that whether your staff are working remotely or in practice, your patient’s data is being handled with the utmost care and attention that it truly deserves.

Work safely in practice

While lockdown restrictions begin to ease and patients are being welcomed back into practices, so may many of your staff. With guidance on social distancing and safeguarding still being very much prevalent, at Dentally, we are here to help you reach the efficiency required in your practice to adhere to these new measures whilst continuing to deliver excellent patient care

The increasing pressure on healthcare professionals at a time like this means boosting staff morale is now more important than ever. Easy to enable, Dentally Chat is a quick and familiar way for you to communicate amongst your colleagues all whilst encouraging social distancing and inclusivity. With no requirement of having to be face-to-face, you can be sure to deliver your message safely and efficiently, regardless of where your colleague is currently based. So whether you wish to deliver some simple staff recognition, a daily huddle or a quick ‘are you making a cup of tea?’, we’re here to help you stay connected and regain control of your workflow.

Keeping on top of tasks centrally by assigning them to your chosen staff member will also help you to unlock an extra level of peace of mind that can reassure you that nothing is ever being forgotten - being cloud-based, this is all made possible with yet another Dentally feature, Task Lists.

For us at Dentally, being a remote-based team has allowed us to continue providing comprehensive support and training to practices looking to future-proof their business with the latest in cloud technology. We want to equip you with the tools you need to harness this flexibility and to continue running your practice exactly how you want to, safely. To find out how we can help you achieve this, send us an email today at

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