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Prepare for the festive season with Dentally

With the festive season on the horizon, at Dentally we want to help you make the most of your time off. With our ease-of-use tools, tasks lists and automation, Dentally keeps you connected to your patients and your practice running smoothly, whilst you and your staff spend time with friends and family. 

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Dentally’s 'rota’ feature allows you to quickly and easily set up your dairy with the dates the practice will be opened or closed, so that your appointment availability can align to your staffing ahead of time. It's important to have a correctly blocked diary, especially for any online booking and Dentally Portal users, take a read of our help guide here to learn more about how to set this up.

Don’t forget we want to help you reduce your time-consuming admin tasks, with our automated recalls and Dentally Portal, your patients will be reminded automatically to book online. Being closed during the festive break no longer has to mean the practice isn't earning revenue, with Dentally Portal and Online booking you can fill white space and take deposits even on days you’re closed. Utilising Dentally’s tools ensures you can retain strong relationships with your patients - so make sure you are set up to use Dentally’s automated recalls and Dentally Portal by getting in touch with our patient communications team, email us at today for a Communications Review recall december blog image 2022-1

As you come to the end of the year, it is also an opportunity to prepare for 2023 and think about your business goals. Our Dentally Elevate consultants are on standby to help you grow your understanding of our software. We are here to show you new, innovative ways to work with Dentally, helping you to improve your workflows, reduce inefficiencies and grow your business. Book a call with our consultants now by filling out our form online here. 

And finally, we wanted to remind you of our Dentally Christmas Countdown Checklist to help get you prepared for the holiday season. It runs through the importance of keeping your patients up to date with crucial information and how you can do this within Dentally. So, if you haven’t already head over to our last blog here so you can tick off your Dentally Checklist. 

We will be open ourselves throughout the coming weeks, so if you do require any help during this time you can get in touch with us via Live Chat  

Keep an eye on our blog and our social accounts for any updates to our opening times over the upcoming bank holidays.  

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