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Helping isolating patients reschedule appointments

As the government asks the public sector to be prepared for a potential 25% staff absence rate due to increased Covid-19 Omicron cases, Dentally is here to help support you in navigating this surge of infections and its impact.  We provide you with the tools that can help you deal with cancellations and absences effectively to ensure that patients can receive the care they need when they are able to. Dentally can help manage appointment cancellations, reschedule vital oral health care and keep your practice running as smoothly as possible, in these challenging times.

We understand that a dental practice with no patients is no practice at all - you need your patients. You also need your patients to know that you understand they may need to self-isolate for 7 or 10 days if they test positive to Covid-19 - which means last-minute cancellations. 

By leveraging the power of cloud-based software Dentally, you can help patients, providing them with the perfect platform to inform your practice of any cancellations due to isolation, giving them the ability to cancel, reschedule and book their own appointments all from the comfort of their home. Your patients can trust in your practices organisational processes, and you can know ahead of time of any gaps in your dairy, keeping the chairs full, staff safe and the business running seamlessly.

Dentally Portaldentally-art-03b

Dentally Portal is a useful tool that allows your patients to log in to their Dentally account to cancel, book and reschedule appointments, working easily alongside the Online Appointment Booking app. 

Patients can fill out health questionnaires and update their contact details so the practice can contact them efficiently in the instance of practitioner absence or any other appointment/practice updates. 

With the Patient Portal, your patients can rest assured knowing that they can easily cancel and reschedule their appointments themselves from the comfort of their home, via desktop or mobile. Any outstanding balances on a patient account can also be settled using Dentally Portal so, isolating patients do not have to worry about attending the practice to pay off any debt owed to your practice. 

If a patient can attend their appointment because they are not self-isolating - Dentally Portal can be used to check-in to the practice, minimising staff to patient contact. Read more about Dentally Portal here

Online appointment booking appdentally-art-06-1

As discussed, the Online Appointment Booking app works well and easily alongside Dentally Portal, so patients know they can reschedule or cancel appointments if having to isolate themselves. 

The Online Appointment Booking app is a helpful tool - allowing patients to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can cancel appointments efficiently, letting your practice know if they are isolating and will be unable to attend. Appointments can be rescheduled for a time when the patient's self-isolation period has ended, and they are healthy enough to safely return to the practice to receive the care they need or to finish treatment plans.

Just like Dentally Portal, the Online Appointment App is mobile and desktop-friendly - patients can rest assured that last-minute isolation does not mean they cannot easily let the practice know and cancel or reschedule their appointments. 

Cloud supporting dentistry 

Dentally understands that when times are challenging, having practice management software that supports you whilst taking some of the stress out of daily practice life is fundamental. 

Our cloud-based software provides the ultimate solution, helping you keep in contact with your patients and them with you so you can maintain an efficient and safe working environment for both practice staff and patients too. Speak to the team now at to find out more about how can we help you during this tricky time. 

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