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Getting the most out of Ellie Bot

Ellie Bot is your own personal support assistant who is always available 24/7 to assist you in answering your queries via Live Chat in Dentally.  

Ellie Bot is here to make your life easier by providing quick and accurate answers to your questions whenever you need them. To get the best responses from Ellie Bot, it’s important you know how to communicate effectively with this tool, here are some best practices to help you get the most out of your interactions with Ellie Bot. 


Be specific 

When asking questions, the more details you provide, the better Ellie Bot can assist you. Vague questions can lead to general or incomplete answers. Instead of asking, "How do I create a template?" be specific and ask, "How do I create a new treatment plan template?" This helps Ellie Bot understand exactly what you need so they can provide the best answer first time round! 

Ask for regional-specific answers 

Different regions can have different procedures and regulations. If you need information that might vary by location, specify the region in your question. For example, instead of asking, "How do I refund?" ask, "How do I refund in the UK?" This ensures you get the most relevant and accurate information for your region. 

Ask for clarification 

If Ellie Bot’s response is not quite what you were looking for, don’t hesitate to ask for adjustments. Instead of responding to Ellie with, "I don’t understand" try asking, "Can you shorten that answer?" or "Can you explain further?" This way, Ellie Bot can refine the information to better suit your needs. 

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Connect to an agent 

While Ellie Bot is equipped to handle many queries, some questions may still require assistance from a human team member. If you need to speak with a human, simply ask your question and then click the “Connect to an Agent” button. This button appears after every Ellie Bot response, ensuring you always have the option to get human help when needed. 

Be patient 

Ellie Bot is designed to help you quickly, but complex queries might take a moment to process. If the first answer isn’t perfect, follow up with a clarifying question or click “Connect to an Agent”. 

By following these simple tips, you can enhance your experience with Ellie Bot and get the information you’re looking for anytime, anywhere!  

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