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Join the cloud revolution.

How do you manage your dental practice admin?

Whether you are currently using a traditional on-prem solution or still using a paper-based system, there has never been a better time to look at cloud technology to help run your dental practice more efficiently.

Cloud technology is of course nothing new, it has existed in the subconscious / fabric of our everyday lives for some time - keeping us connected with friends and family; entertaining us with the latest films or box set; storing our precious photographs; categorising our music; helping us order our Friday night takeaway or for sharing ideas with work colleagues.

For dentistry it has become an essential tool, with dental practitioners able to leverage the power of cloud technology to run their practices more effectively, retain connections with patients through the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, triage patients with emergency treatment needs and importantly at a time of increasing costs of living - optimise processes and save money.

If you have yet to to take a look at cloud, then read on as we discuss how Dentally, the cloud enabled practice management software, is helping revolutionise the way dental practitioners and their teams use software to help them be more efficient while they deliver exceptional patient care.

At the heart of cloud

For a dental practice there are some core characteristics of a true cloud practice management software, like Dentally, that are worth referencing. These include:

  • Security, is at the heart of cloudmain-illustration_oval-min

  • Shared infrastructure allows for speed and resilience

  • Instant updates and automatic back-ups

  • No downtime for maintenance

  • Real time views and reporting without delays

  • Multiple users and devices

  • Interconnectivity with other platforms to leverage the power of cloud technology

It is important to understand these features, because not all cloud practice management software is the same.

Reduce your time behind the computer

At Dentally, we understand that running a successful dental practice takes time and it seems that dental practitioners are often spending more and more time at the computer. But you didn’t get into dentistry to sit behind a computer, did you?

Many dentists and their teams spend several hours following up appointments, reminding patients, running lengthy reports, reviewing treatment plans and completing paperwork - as well as looking at the general admin and marketing for the dental practice. IT and software can be a complete headache, it can be challenging to keep up with all the updates, maintenance and upgrades when you have multiple devices for your team, along with networks, servers and data storage.

So wouldn’t it be great if you had one place that would manage all your patient data? That kept the diary up to date, provided insightful and quick to run reports about all aspects of your practice (that you could action from anywhere) and importantly a system that didn’t require arduous software and server updates? If you are looking for less time at the computer and more time at the chair helping patients, then cloud-based software Dentally is the solution.

Not only does our cloud practice management software save time from an IT and admin perspective, but it can also have a financial impact on the business by saving money. With cloud-based software there is no need to buy an expensive (and power hungry) server or high specification PC’s and laptops, because the data is stored securely in the cloud. The operating system that you run has no impact, as strictly speaking a cloud service is a service that is accessible over the internet, so it has been built in this way to capitalise on its interconnectivity with other useful tools. With Dentally you just Chrome and go!

You can also work from anywhere, so whether you wish to catch up on patient notes on the daily commute or from home, or run reports to reconcile your financial income or track treatment plans - with our cloud software it's simple and importantly safe to log in. It will streamline your reception team time, with functionality such as flexible automated recalls, tasks lists, waiting lists and appointment reminders. Clinical work is easy to chart and treatment plans generated in a way patients can understand. Everything is backed up and secure without the need of running long back-up’s on data storage disks and servers. Updates happen instantaneously without any disruption to your day, back-ups are simple and quick.

More than just the basics

Dentally provides more than just the basics of software patient management. It helps you save time, reduce the admin burden and allow your staff to be more productive, efficient and agile in the way you manage and care for your patients. Optimising efficiency in the practice with simple workflows and automation tools will also save you money.

If you would like to spend less time at your computer and more time doing dentistry, caring for patients - and the list below is just a small section of your wish list…

  • Manage your practice admin from any location

  • Use Automation to remove the effort of repetitive jobs

  • Introduce more efficient process and workflow management

  • Keep your team talking and happy as they care for patients

  • Stay connected to your patients

  • Reduce your failed to attend and short notice cancellation rates

  • Improve the effectiveness of your recalls

Plus more….then look no further. Talk to the team at Dentally today to find out how our software can help your practice now and in the future. You can explore our website

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