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Unlocking the Power of the 'Patients Report' in Dentally

Are you making the most of Dentally's 'Patients Report'?  

With a wealth of valuable data at your fingertips, Dentally’s reporting tools provide you with everything you need to stay on top of your business goals. Today, we will guide you through using the 'Patients Report' to its full potential and show you how to create, save, and reuse standard custom segments of patient data effortlessly. 

You can tailor the report to meet specific criteria thanks to the left-hand side filter menu. Let's explore a few of the segments our very own Elevate team use with practices on our customer success program.  

The Basics 

The ‘Patients Report’ has a few features to help make your reporting workflow quicker and easier. In the top right of the report, you have three buttons: 

  • Messages: This is where you can send bulk messages to the currently filtered group of patients.  
  • More: From here, you can export the report data into Excel, where you can further filter your data. When viewing a currently saved report, you will also have the option to delete a previously saved report.  
  • Attributes: Allows you to pick and choose which attributes will be displayed and included on your report should you choose to export it.   

Image highlighting the settings on the top of the paitents report. bluk update allows you to refresh an exisiting list of patients, messages allows you to bulk message the patients on the list. more allows you to see the options to delete or export the report. and the final column button allows you to configure the columns you see on the report screen.

  • View previously saved reports: you have a drop-down menu in the top left which allows you to choose to view a previously saved report segment. 
  • Create a new Segment: Select the filters you wish to use on this report. You will see a blue save button in the bottom left. Enter a name when prompted and save for future use. 
  • Update a report segment: When you have a saved report segment and wish to update a date range or add additional information, you can use the save button to update the already saved report simply.  

Image highlighting the select exisiting report segment and the save button to create a new segment or update an exisiting one which is highlighted to the right.

Now we have the basics down, let's take a look at a few valuable segments that you can set up using the filters available to you. 

High-value treatments report segment 

One way to use the ‘Patients Report’ is to find all your patients with high-value treatment completed within a specified timeframe. This report can be ideal for targeting your marketing efforts of new high-end treatments to those patients who have previously spent that kind of money.  Discover more...

Gif to demonstrate how to use the patientes report to find patients who have had a specific treatment charted.

New Patients with no appointment report segment 

Another way you can use the ‘Patients Report’ is to find any patients who have been added to Dentally but have never had an appointment at the practice. Allowing you to target patients who have shown interest in being seen but who have not taken the step to begin their oral health journey with you. Discover more...

Gif demonstrating how to use the patients report to find all patients with no first appt.

Discover more 

If you're eager to delve deeper into the potential of the 'Patients Report' and explore other report segments you can use, we have a collection of patient reports over on our help centre here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We're here to help you unlock the full potential of Dentally!


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