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Dentally Summer School: Patient Communication

It is week five of our Summer School series, as we take a guided tour of our extensive Help Centre of support documents, tips and tutorials that provide you with helpful advice and guidance whenever you need it, to help you get the best out of Dentally.

Patient Correspondence (take the shortcut here) is focused around everything you need to know about communicating with your patients, from templates, letters*, SMS, email, outbound telephone calling and so much more!

This collection of articles is something that your team will not just find useful when you start using Dentally but it will be an important source of information throughout your journey.

Communication is a core part of any successful dental practice, staying connected with your patients is essential to keep them informed of any new COVID procedures, new treatments and to ensure they have all the details they need from appointment reminders, recalls and much more.  

With Dentally, you can easily send and receive SMS and emails - so you don't have to worry about missing any incoming correspondence from patients. Messages are assigned, as they come in automatically to the patients, saving your reception team time. You can also take advantage of Dentally Mail* and outbound telephone calling, covering all communication options for you.

patient communication

We also want to ensure your team can save time with this important admin, so by removing the burden of communication and automating many of these tasks that are triggered by certain events - allows your team to spend time talking to patients in a reception area to ensure they have the best experience or on other important admin.   

Simple steps that you can review on a regular basis also ensures that your patients always receive the right messages at the right time, through their preferred method of SMS, phone, letter* or email - from appointment reminders, pre-appointment form completion such as medical, payments and more. It empowers your patients to take control of their oral health and improves the efficiency of your overall practice workflows, and gives time back to your staff to focus on patient care.

Whether you are looking to send an email attachment, automate your communication, create a consent form or just ensure that all of your communications are working in a way that keeps you connected to your patients - then take a look at this section in our knowledge hub. You can find it here.

Take a look at our blog here for some great ideas as to how to simplify your patient communication. 

*UK only

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