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Empowering patient decisions: How Dentally tools revolutionise treatment acceptance

Treatment acceptance is about equipping your patients with all of the tools they need to feel like they’re making a well-informed decision. As dental professionals, the reasons for going ahead with a course of treatment may seem obvious – the alternative being the deterioration of their oral health. However, patients will need to see the bigger picture; why the treatment is needed, any cost implications, how going ahead/not going ahead with the treatment will impact their lifestyle and any prospective timelines.  

At Dentally we know that this can feel like a lot to fit into one appointment, especially when you want to keep things running smoothly with a full diary. Our powerful cloud-based tools are designed to equip your patients with the resources they need, be it during their visit or afterwards, to ensure they feel confident in their decision-making process and that they are prioritising their oral health. In today’s blog we’re going to be introducing you to just a few of them. 

When your patient is in the chair... 

Dentally Vision, our latest innovation, can act as a visual aid to patients by allowing your clinical team to present clear, concise visuals of the patient’s oral health on a computer or on a tablet. By adopting this more interactive approach, your clinical team can provide a clearer explanation of the proposed treatment with real-time imagery. Vision

Dentally Vision aids your clinical team to offer a greater level of transparency, significantly boosting patient confidence, trust and therefore acceptance of recommended treatments. Not only this, but the patient can sign off on the plan there and then using an iPad or via Dentally Portal, our patient platform. All follow-up appointments and invoices are then immediately shared with your reception team to create a seamless patient journey. 

After your patient leaves... 

Our automated communication tools serve as a bridge between appointments, allowing you to deliver personalised, educational content directly to your patients. This continuous engagement helps them understand the importance of treatments, clarifying doubts and addressing queries – ultimately ensuring they feel supported and informed every step of the way. patient

Whether it's booking appointments or settling payments, when you integrate your messaging with Dentally Portal —your patients experience a frictionless process, promoting higher conversion rates for proposed treatments. From receiving a personalised message via the patient’s preferred contact method, they can complete any actions at the click of a button on our user-friendly interface. It really is that simple! 

Reputation is important 

With any service, it’s likely that the consumer will carry out independent research before they make a decision to purchase, especially in the current financial climate – so it's important that you’re ‘one step ahead’ and ensure that your practice is presented as the best possible option amongst a busy market. 

A great place to start is to ask yourself these questions:

Do we have good quality, recent, patient reviews across all platforms – Google, Facebook and our own website? 

Does our website have up to date information regarding treatments? 

Does our website/social media have intros to our team members that provide treatments? 

Ensuring you have this information readily available to researching patients, is ultimately what could be the deciding factor between you and a competitor. That’s why our integration with review platform Working Feedback, allows you to capture and display reviews seamlessly. Once set up, Dentally will trigger a review request to your patient based on that individual's marketing communications preference at the completion of each dental treatment. Once screened by the Working Feedback team, they can be automatically published across the platforms of your choice, even on your website – meaning your reputation can be maintained and promoted with absolutely no extra admin for your team! 

Find out more about capturing reviews with Dentally here. 

In today's dental landscape, treatment acceptance extends far beyond clinical expertise—it's about empowering patients with knowledge and confidence. Dentally's suite of powerful tools allows you to provide comprehensive support throughout the patient journey, promoting higher conversion rates and therefore dental success. To talk to our team about how you can achieve this in your practice, click here. 

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