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Keeping your patients happy (without a magic wand!)

Until you really take a moment to put yourself in your patient’s shoes it can sometimes be tricky to see how you can unlock a more effortless seamless patient journey.    

Now, we have all dreamed of having a magic wand or genie in a bottle, but what if you could deliver an experience that balances both patient happiness and practice efficiency - plus enables your business to run effectively, grow and keep both your staff and patients happy – all at the same time! 

Well, delivering a patient journey is more attainable than you might think. Think about some of the barriers your patients currently have and ask yourself a few simple questions: 

  1. How accessible is the practice to my patients? 

  2. How many patients are not available during our normal working hours? 

  3. How often do you educate your patients on the importance of their oral health? 

  4. Are your patients empowered to take control of their own journey? 

  5. How easy is it for my patients to make an appointment? 

  6. Is it simple for patients to make a payment?

Cloud-enabled software, Dentally, is designed in collaboration with dentists to provide you with a simple and effortless approach to your dental practice management software. It can also help you achieve a truly effortless journey for your patients, that empowers them to look after their oral health and supports delivery of exceptional care.

Let’s walk through just a few of the steps of the patient journey today, with Dentally Portal.

Keeping you in control

Dentally Portal is simple to set up through an intuitive admin panel, allowing you toeyJwYXRoIjoiZGVudGFsbHktaGVucnktc2NoZWluLW9uZVwvZmlsZVwvUGVEWTZOMXAyZnlTZ2hLRTNVWFgucG5nIn0_dentally-henry-schein-one_l--5M9_nJxJstts8ZuI3BumGI1abVCu1y9HICeTDaeE customize your branding but also your opening hours, appointment types and duration, treatment types, diary session, site locations and practitioners. This means that you are firmly in control of how the patient can interact with your practice. Importantly any changes they make, are all shown in Dentally in real-time - so you are always up to date with the latest information about appointments, cancellations, medical history form completion, payments and more.

Enabling patients to manage their admin 

Patients are busy, so empower them to do their admin and manage their journey with you at a time that suits them, in an evening or on a weekend. Patients can securely log into the system and validate their information. A link can be sent via email or SMS for them to access the Portal, or if you have a website, you can add a login button. Once the patient has gone through the security authentication, it’s up to you what they have access to do.

Flexible online booking

If booking an appointment, paying for a treatment, or taking care of admin for your practice is not as effortless and easy as booking a table at a restaurant then how many patients could you be losing to competitors? 

eyJwYXRoIjoiZGVudGFsbHktaGVucnktc2NoZWluLW9uZVwvZmlsZVwvd0d0VjlxU2dMOXN5dWtxRDU4QngucG5nIn0_dentally-henry-schein-one_DqdNjRyhZiQpdrUcswYXhELTdORDdpyd2IaM2-8T-cEYou can choose to simply use Dentally Portal for patients to manage all their admin including updating and checking their medical history forms, signing treatment plans and consent forms, updating contact information or making a payment. When the patient visits the practice for their appointment, all this admin is taken care of so the patient can be seen by the dentist or hygienist without delay. 

You can also consider taking it a step further by switching on online appointment booking. Doing so provides greater flexibility for patients to book and manage their appointments. It helps you attract new patients and all within the rules that you set when you turn on the feature - helping you stay firmly in control of your diary and ensuring your practitioner's days are organized.

Happy patients

Developing effective practice workflows from before the patient arrives to after they depart, enables you to provide an effortless journey, nurturing loyalty from existing patients and helping you attract new patients to your dental practice.   

To learn more, talk to our team today and help deliver that effortless experience in a practical personalised way - that keeps everyone smiling.

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