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How Dentally is supporting the NHS CCN50 change this October

The NHS changes highlighted in NHSE’s letter titled Outcome of 2022/23 Dental Contract Negotiations, have now taken effect. There were three significant changes outlined in this document, so let's look at another of the changes and how Dentally has been adapted to ensure you can make full use of the changes straight away.  

ccn50 smallOur previous blog which you can read here covered the CCN49 changes, and today we are going to look at the changes highlighted in CCN50. This change notification talks about how the NHSE are looking to collect more data so they can better monitor the utilisation and implementation of NICE guidance on dental recall intervals. Some of the additional data they are going to be collecting are; 

  • presence of untreated decayed teeth  
  • highlighted BPE sextant score  
  • recommended recall intervals. 

This update also sees the addition of new treatment item codes for Molar Endodontics and Non-Molar Endodontics and discontinues the use of the existing English endodontics code 9305. 

What do I need to do in Dentally? 

For the NICE Guidelines Recall Interval, upon the submission of an NHS claim, the user is prompted for the NICE guidelines recall interval (at present, this is gathered as part of the plan being completed) 

To submit information on the number of decayed teeth, again upon the submission of an NHS claim with a start date on or after 01/10/2022, the claim screen will present an option to record the number of Untreated Decayed teeth. This is not a calculated field and requires user input of a change from the default 0, if required. 

To send data on the highest BPE score, this is also done upon submission of an NHS claim with a start date on or after 01/10/2022. The NHS Claim screen will the display results of any BPE recorded for the patient between the start and end dates of the treatment plan/claim, where one exists.  

If the BPE was recorded in the last 24 hours, the BPE can be updated using the 'Update BPE' option, or a new BPE can be recorded using the 'Record new BPE' option. 

Where a BPE is recorded against the claim, the highest sextant reading will be submitted.

Where a BPE has not been recorded, a highest value of '-' (blank) will be submitted. 

How do the new Endontic codes work in dentally? 

NHS England Practices will need to create 2 new Endodontic treatments in their services list using the new NHS Treatment Categories 'Endodontic Treatment - Molar' and 'Endodontic Treatment - Non Molar'.  Read our article here if you are unsure how to add new treatment items to your treatment list in Dentally. 

The new treatments should be set with the appropriate NHS Band and use the NHS Treatment Categories 'Endodontic Treatment Molar' and 'Endodontic Treatment Non-Molar' 

These new treatments should be used for the appropriate teeth and should only be used on claims starting on or after 01/10/22. 

As you can see a lot of the changes are done in the background upon the submission of your claims. So, no extra codes to remember to chart, it will simply prompt for this required information when you complete and send off your claim. And adding the two new codes for Endodontics is super easy and made even easier by the helpful articles we have available.  

If you are unsure about any of the information above, you can reach out to our support team directly for any help or questions you may have.

Get in touch with us at to let us know what future blog content you would love to see.  


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