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Dentally Vision

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Increase treatment plan adoption with Dentally Vision

Deliver a great patient experience

Being able to provide an organised, smooth experience that makes patients feel confident in your care will influence whether they are happy to go ahead with treatment. Creating this with tools that refine your processes will create a more professional environment whilst saving you time so you can solely focus on the patient in the chair.

Dentally’s latest addition, Dentally Vision, makes the process of image capture simpler both for you and your patients. By streamlining this process with imaging tightly integrated within the cloud, you will have extra time within your appointments to discuss treatment options and any queries your patients may have – this could be the difference between gaining the commitment of a signed treatment plan or your patient looking elsewhere.

Education is key

When discussing treatment options with patients, being equipped with a tool that allows you to display high-quality dental imaging, both 2D and 3D, at the click of a button can help you to explain the implications of going ahead/delaying treatment. For a patient to understand visually can also increase your credibility, particularly for visual learners and help you to appear less ‘salely’, something that increases satisfaction rates later on down the line. Instead, you can utilise visual real-life prompts while discussing treatment plans to educate them on the current state of their oral health, the importance of the treatment they need and how it could affect them day-to-day – after all, getting the right treatment can help patients improve their quality of life.Vision_Charting-with-pop-up-teeth-A

In addition, removing the worry of slow servers or limited storage space, you can trust in Dentally to ensure that you can have all your high quality and full-size images easily accessible from anywhere, right when you need them.

Taking images is quick too. With minimum upload time, the process of capturing an image to viewing it on your chosen device can be achieved in just a few clicks.

Alleviate any concerns

The most common reasons that patients may choose to not go ahead with treatment include:

  • Not fully understanding the options available

  • Financial concerns

  • No clarity of timelines

Thankfully, these are all concerns that can be rectified in practice but are often not addressed due to lack of time. By using tools such as Dentally Vision that give you more time for what matters, you can have those valuable discussions with patients which will lead to adoption and ultimately, your patients receiving the treatment  they need.

Naturally, some patients may not feel ready to commit to treatment when in practice – but it’s important that you don’t allow these patients ‘to slip through the net’. By also allowing you to export images into various formats, Dentally Vision helps you to ensure that your patient can receive effective post-treatment communication by attaching any diagnostic images to your emails. By pairing these emails with your online booking link, it can serve as a powerful conversion tool if they did not sign a treatment plan when in practice – it empowers them to take control of their own oral health journey at a time that suits them by providing them with everything they need to take their next steps.

Register your interest with Dentally Vision today and start increasing treatment acceptance in your practice – click here.

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