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Save time by saving notes in Dentally

Save time by saving notes in Dentally, Illustration of a dentist with a patient in the chair and the dentally logo in the top right corner.

We’ve introduced some important changes to the way your clinical notes are saved, following valuable feedback from our customers. 

Our new clinical notes prompt is going to save you time and give you the reassurance that your important notes are safely captured – helping you achieve Clinical excellence and improving the user’s experience. 

How does my new clinical prompt work?  

When attempting to navigate away for the chart with unsaved changes present you will be presented with the option to go Back or to Save and Continue. This removes the stress from locating and recovering previously unsaved or lost notes.  


Read the help article here to ensure you fully understand how this new feature works.  

This new feature prompt will be applied across all users in Dentally, even though your Dentally chart is still customisable to each user in the way it functions, we wanted to be sure everyone could benefit from the release of our new clinical notes save prompt feature.  

If you have any further questions after reading the help guide linked above, please get in touch with the support team via Live chat in Dentally.  

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