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Reporting: Appointment Report

Dentally continuously strives to streamline practice processes and take the stress out of everyday practice life. Everything we do, we do to ensure that your work life is made easier and that your practice is taken care of so you can deliver the highest level of oral care to every patient.  

Reporting in Dentally is both quick to use and easy to understand. Appointments are fundamental to the success of your business - because of this, you will want to optimise your appointment book, fill up slots and identify gaps in your diary. 

The Appointment Report in Dentally is an excellent tool to help you better understand your practice, keep your diary full and ultimately provide the best patient care. 

Understand cancellationsdentally-illustration_streamlined_report-1

With lots of filters available, you can tailor your Appointment Report to answer specific queries you may have. For example, you can use the filters to discover how many appointments were missed, how many online bookings were made, or practitioner specific appointment data. 

You can use the report to identify cancelled appointments and the reasons for them - you can use the data to understand your practice and identify patterns in cancellations. From this new knowledge, you can then take steps to reduce wasted appointment time and keep your chairs full, practice busy and business a success. 

Online appointment booking

The report can be tailored to show you exactly how many people are booking their appointments through your online appointment booking with Dentally. 

You can identify how effective the app is for your practice and whether or not it is something you need to push harder. Or, perhaps patients are taking well to it, and you'd like to learn how else you can utilise it to streamline your practice. Learn more about online booking here. 

Future appointmentslg - icon - Appointment_ booking@2x

When using the report to identify cancelled appointments, you can also add a filter - 'future with or without a future appointment'. The filter can be used to see whether or not patients who cancelled have rebooked for the future or not. 

If they have not booked an appointment for a future date, you can use the data gained to contact them, rebooking and maintaining good patient oral health and successful practice.

Export data

The data that you can instantly view in a matter of moments can be expanded upon further with just a few clicks. To gain access to this extra, valuable data, you need to export the reports.

When you export your data, you download a .csv file to your computer which opens up as a spreadsheet in software like Excel. Of course, only allow permission to these files to those who need it - to maintain patient confidentiality. 

Read more about the benefits of exporting the appointments report data here

With Dentally reporting is made simple - you can identify trends and take steps to improve practice processes. Speak to our team now at to find out more.  

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