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NHS Scotland Changes Implemented

NHS Scotland have implemented the following changes to the current SDR which will be in effect from 1st February 2022, and this has all been automatically updated in Dentally.

See below a brief summary of all the changes:

  • Item 1 examinations will be amended so that they are claimable for all age groups with alterations to how general and orthodontic exams are specified

  • Item 2(a)(1) X-Ray, will now be claimable for all age groups

  • Item 41 child smile element will be discontinued and replaced with a simpler set of fee codes under item 42 and will be claimable for all 0-17-year-olds

  • Item 44g (Application of Topical Fluoride) will be updated to be claimable for age group 2-12

  • Additional items requested by Dental Advisers

All the fees and updated details have automatically been added to Dentally and you can find further information in our support help centre.

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