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Reflecting on 2023 Elevate Workshops

As we draw to a close on this year’s Dentally Elevate Workshops, it’s time to take a look back at the insightful sessions and collaborative spirit that defined our 2023 workshop series. 

A Day Packed with Growth Opportunities 

This year the Dentally Elevate Workshops visited three cities, bringing together dental professionals from diverse practices under one roof: London, Manchester and Bristol. 2

Each workshop was a hive of learning and networking, designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate their practices both now and for the future. Dental practice teams joined forces, fostering a collaborative environment for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences – allowing them to leave the day feeling inspired and equipped to sustain, adapt and grow their business. The agenda included an array of interactive sessions, with topics ranging from Online Presence and Marketing to Business Growth and Performance.  

A highlight for our attendees was the exclusive 're-energise' session – newly added for 2023. This session was led by the Dentally Product Team, offering practices the chance to gain exclusive, firsthand insights into the innovative developments shaping the landscape of dental practice management. 

This interactive discussion not only revitalised our attendees after lunch but also provided an inside scoop into the exciting new releases/upcoming features within Dentally - whilst giving attendees the unique opportunity to make product suggestions/ask any questions directly to the Product Team. 

Apart from the enriching content and networking opportunities, attendees had the added benefit of gaining CPD credits, further underlining the workshops' value in professional development. 

Highlights from Guest Speakers 

The workshops were also enriched by the presence of esteemed guest speakers. Collaborating with Dentally, experts from Working Feedback, Mediestates, and Medirecruit offered valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of dental practice management – coming together to provide a well-rounded day, addressing not only how practices can elevate their game, but how they can navigate the current challenges that the industry is facing. 

I always look forward to the Elevate Workshops; the format and structure ensure that you become involved and can play a positive part in sharing your experience with everyone there” - Philip Molden, Working Feeback 

Rave Reviews 

Apart from the enriching content and networking opportunities, attendees had the added benefit of gaining CPD credits, further underlining the workshops' value in professional development.  

The success of the Dentally Elevate Workshops was echoed in the glowing reviews from attendees. Here are a couple of snippets that capture the essence of the day: 

1“Every member of the team was friendly, receptive to feedback and keen to offer help and support. The day offered more than the brief suggested. A great day for resetting where I am as a practice manager. Going away refreshed focussed on how Dentally can help!” - Duthie Dental  

“A highly engaging day of seminars led by well-informed professionals. Very revealing in the options available for developing a world-class patient experience. A must for every practice that desires success. Competitively priced. Excellent post-course support.” - South Manchester Dental Care 

“The Elevate workshop has equipped us with fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to take our dental practice to the next level.  I cannot recommend the Elevate workshop enough, it's an excellent opportunity to not only strengthen our partnership with Dentally but also to empower ourselves with the tools and ideas needed to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.” - Synergy Dental 

As we reflect on another year of Dentally Elevate Workshops, the knowledge shared and the inspiration gained will undoubtedly continue to resonate within dental practices, elevating efficiencies and promoting growth well into 2024 and beyond. 

To all those who contributed, attended, and made these workshops a resounding success — thank you for being part of this journey towards dental excellence. 

For more insights and to relive moments from the Dentally Elevate Workshops, take a look at our socials by clicking the icons below. And if you’d like to be the first to hear about our coming events for 2024, make sure to keep an eye out on our website!  

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