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Benefits of complete cloud for your practice

Being a practice owner in today's dental climate is a challenging role to be in. Time seems to disappear and retaining staff to get the job done is a concern for many. Dentally is built with simplicity and convenience in mind. Let's explore how moving to the cloud can benefit you and your practice.

Being a complete cloud software guarantees your entire Dentally database is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply Chrome and go! Whether staff are onsite or working remotely, your practice manager can run reception and manage staff seamlessly with features such as task lists, reminders and Dentally chat. 

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With staff retention still being a challenge for many across the industry our faster, efficient reporting and easy-to-use design, paired with Dentally’s ability to automate the time-consuming everyday admin tasks through our cloud technology, helps reduce stress across your entire practice team.  

Reminders and recalls are sent daily to patients. Confirmation SMS and Dentally Portal can be used to remind patients of their upcoming appointments, helping you increase attendance which in turn can reduce FTA’s and late cancellations. This all happens in the background without any human interaction needed. Help your team to spend time on what matters; caring for patients and offering them an exceptional experience.List of benefits using Dentally complete cloud solution can offer your practice. such as fast reporting and automated reminders.

Not sure where to start? our Dentally Elevate team are always on hand to help. Think of our consultants as your business guides here at Dentally. They are trained to offer constructive 1-2-1 advice to challenge your thinking and grow your business. Get in touch with the team here. 

To learn more about Dentally’s cloud solution get in touch with us today at  


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