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Reporting: Payment Allocations Reports

This week marks the final blog in our 4-week long reporting series focus. Today we take a look at the new Payment Allocations Reports in Dentally - helping you understand how to use them and benefit your practice. 

Reporting is a fundamental element of any successful practice. From a better understanding of finances to chair time utilisation and recalls - you can discover many insights into your business when using Dentally's reports correctly. 

There exist two payment allocation reports in Dentally. These are: 

  • Payment Allocation Totals Report
  • Payment Allocations Report

Learn how to utilise them correctly and see how you can better understand your practice. 

Please note that the Payment Allocation Reports will not be switched on as default and they will need to be requested as a feature to be turned on by support. 

Payment Allocation Totals ReportFestive reporting

The Payment Allocations Totals Report provides a solid report that helps you understand at a glance the movements of all of the money within your practice, from patients to the site. With the invoice details, payments are allocated to the correct practitioners so you can see who has earned what. 

The Payment Allocation Totals Report is filterable to a specified time range, so you can gain insight into the data that you need - when you need it. The report automatically defaults to a 1-month long period, but you can alter this to suit your needs - whether that be weekly, daily or any other particular time frame. 

The Payment Allocation Totals Report will always break down Practitioner payments into NHS and Private columns, so you always know where the money allocated has derived from. 

By clicking on any blue links within the Payment Allocation Totals Report, you will be sent to the Payment Allocation Report, filtered to whichever link you have used.

Payment Allocations Report

Again the Payment Allocations Report, just like the Payment Allocation Totals Report, can be used to identify the movements of money around your practice from site to practitioner and vice versa. However, the Payment Allocations Report can also provide a more detailed insight into the exact movements, with many options that you can filter to show you a tailored view of payment allocations within your practice.  Why Dentally - Secure data-1

The Payment Allocations Report defaults to a period of 1 month, but this can be filtered just like before to your preferred period. You can also filter the report by Allocation Type, Site, Practitioner, Sundry and Payment Plan to find what you are looking for, and you can combine the filters however you wish. For example, you could filter to a specific site with practitioner filters to identify how much money was allocated to which practitioner and at what site. 

Unallocated money is also identifiable using the Payment Allocations Report - this means money that has yet to be allocated to a practitioner or has gone back from the practitioner and into the site pot. Perhaps an invoice has had to be removed due to an error. As a result, the money has been unallocated from the practitioner named on the invoice and allocated back into the site pot until the payment gets explained away at a later date.  

Reporting in Dentally is made simple and easy so that you can always find the insights you need into your business with just a few simple clicks. To read more about the Payment Allocations Report, click here or to speak to our team and discover how Dentally can help your practice, contact us at now.  

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