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Introducing Concierge: the new way for patients to self-serve 🎉

Creating an effortless patient experience is the future of dental practice management – and with Dentally Portal, we’re always looking for new ways to help you achieve this! It's vital that you ensure a smooth patient journey from the moment they book to when they sit down in the chair. With this in mind, we’re excited to be launching our newest feature – Concierge! 

Concierge available now! ✨ 

Concierge is part of our brand-new Portal tablet app for both Apple and Android. It allows patients to self-serve in the practice, giving them more control. With Concierge, patients can complete outstanding actions on a device in the practice, making their experience quicker and easier. And with the patient’s responses automatically pulling through in Dentally, it reduces the burden on your reception team – giving them more time to provide a warm, welcoming environment. 

Plus, with steps in place to protect patient information, this new process will reduce the chance of a confidentiality breach. 

Put the power in patients’ hands 

In our brand new ‘Devices’ section on the Portal admin dashboard, you’ll be able to pair a device with Dentally With your device set up, all patient information will be shared seamlessly between the tablet and the patient record – no more need for paper forms or manually inputting data! 

Using a Concierge tablet, patients can complete: 

  • Any missing patient information (such as address or phone number)
  • Their medical history form
  • Treatment estimates (only the latest course of treatment will be shown on Concierge)
  • The NHS FP17PR (UK NHS practices only 🇬🇧)

Getting started 👉

Ready to create a smooth patient experience with Concierge? Head to the ‘Devices’ section in Portal, set up your device now, and read our guide to find out more about what the patient will see when they use it.

If you have any questions about using Concierge, reach out to Ellie Bot and our support team via Live Chat.  

If you’re not using Dentally Portal and want to explore how it can help you reach your business goals, get in touch! 📣  

Can't see these features right now? We're in the process of rolling them out, so if it's not visible yet, it will be soon! 

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