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Complete cloud software for clinical excellence

Clinical excellence is something you are all familiar with, it's what we all strive for every day. Dentally is designed with this in mind, utilising cloud features makes your path to a seamless surgery experience quicker and easier than ever. 

Our cloud-enabled software ensures you have the most recent information about the patient at your fingertips when you need it, and it doesn’t matter how many people in your practice are viewing it. For example; the reception and surgery teams can both have the patient record open and see any updates in real time. 

Dentally’s appointment status feature gives you clear visibility of the patient’s journey through the practice, helping you stay on top of delivering the best patient experience possible. Our arrival notifications enables practitioners in surgery to keep track of their next appointment via the Waiting List on the sidebar.illustration of patient and dentist with dental chair and computer screen showing dentally in the background.

Once in surgery, Dentally’s chart screen has been designed to help you deliver the best patient experience possible. Our built-in tools help make surgery more about the patient and less about the time spent on notes and admin. Let's explore some of the tools you can use to enhance your clinical excellence and your overall patient journey; 

  • Favourite items, The ability to favourite the treatments you use regularly in Dentally, making them easy to find and quick to chart.  
  • Perio comparisons, Dentally’s Perio exam has the ability for you to be able to compare any two exams on the screen at once. This tool gives you the chance to be able to educate your patients whilst they are in the chair on the progression or regression you can see across their compared exams.   
  • Clinical notes, Writing notes can be a time-consuming part of any surgery experience. With Dentally you can precreate your most used clinical notes making it easy to add only the patient-specific information each time.  
    illustration of dental practice with a patient sitting in the dental chair. Dentist is tending to patient by showing them their records on Dentally.
  • Quick charting and pre-charted plans, As part of Dentally’s commitment to helping you deliver a seamless patient experience; we have created simple and easy-to-use tools. By using hover charting and pre-charted treatment plans you can free up surgery time to spend talking too and educating your patients.  
  • Electronic treatment and consent forms, Dentally iPad allows your patients to sign and update, consent and treatment forms, medical forms, and patient details, all from the chair. No need to be wasteful with printing or lose time by sending patients back to reception. Everything can now be done in one place.  

Those are just a few of the ways charting in Dentally, can help you continue to deliver, clinical excellence in your surgery.  

To learn more about Dentally’s cloud features and how we can enhance your seamless surgery experience get in touch with us here. 

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