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NHS England changes in Dentally this November

On the 25th November, the next stage of the NHS England changes (as detailed in their letter Outcome of 2022/23 Dental Contract Negotiations) will come into effect and relates to the Band 2 claims.   

With the new NHS changes practitioners will be better rewarded for the more complicated Band 2 treatments, that band has been subdivided into three sections; 

  • Band 2(a) - 3 UDAs  
  • Band 2(b) - 5 UDAs 
  • Band 2(c) - 7 UDAs 

This means it is important that the treatments, especially for endodontics, fillings and extractions are recorded and transmitted correctly. The number of combined services charted will determine how many UDA’s the dentist gets paid. For further details on what needs to be charted for each band division take a read of our help guide here. 

There will be no change to the patient charge, this will remain the same no matter which subdivision they fall into. The claims from your end will continue to be charted, charged and submitted in Dentally as before. 

There are no setting changes required, Dentally will automatically calculate the new UDA values for claims raised from treatment plans started on or after 25th November 2022. Upon submission, the claims screen will indicate where a band 2a, 2b or 2c claim will be submitted and the UDAs awarded are calculated by Compass.  

Band 2c Claim example: 

The NHS Claims report in Dentally has been updated to allow users to report specifically on claims falling into these new bands. Use the Band Selection filter to specifically find claims which fall into the band you require. Of course, the NHS UDA report will reflect the correct UDA values of your claims, once raised and the returning UDA value from Compass will mark the claims as Completed or Queried as always: 

To read more on these changes click here or get in touch with support for any further assistance. 

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