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Discover rotas and sessions to improve practice management

At Dentally, we understand that dental practice teams are busy. That is why we have a decisive aim, no matter what we do - taking the stress out of everyday practice life. Whether it is our time-saving admin features or our lightning-fast reporting and patient communications, you can rest easy knowing that with Dentally, your practice is in the very best hands. 

We know that the process of booking appointments, ensuring enough time and making the best and most desirable working patterns for you can be challenging. We have made features with ease of use in mind - to take the difficulty out of admin tasks and provide you with more time to do dentistry.

Rotas and sessions within our cloud-based practice management system provide you with confidence that you are handling your time well and time allocated for specific reasons is clear and concise to understand - for both you and the wider team. 

Practitioners Rotasdentally-art-03b

Practitioner Rotas within Dentally are a powerful feature allowing you to block off periods in your calendar of unavailable time - creating time for absence, holidays, cleaning, admin tasks, set working patterns or any other customisable reason.  

The rotas are flexible and can be tailored to suit the different needs of each practitioner - whether they're based on-site, working remotely or across several multi-sites. Each practitioner will have their preferred working schedules, and rotas make those schedules easy to communicate and clear to understand for the wider team. 

When used well, rotas are an effective tool that ensures reception teams don't book appointments with patients when you are away from the practice or engaged in other work tasks. With Dentally, streamlined processes are implemented, teams are up to date with business goings-on, and a smooth experience for each patient is created, from start to finish. 

Read more about all of the functionalities of rotas here and how you can start using them in your practice. 


Dentally sessions are another excellent tool that helps your team keep calendars organised, practice teams in the loop and keeps you providing the best oral health care efficiently and professionally. Dentally chair

They provide a tidy visual template on your Dentally calendar - showing when and why certain areas of your day are blocked out for specific reasons. 

You may wish to use sessions when running pain clinics, emergency appointments, private patient appointments or any other reason you can think of when you sit back and think - "I wish people wouldn't book appointments for me during this time." Sessions within Dentally provide you with the perfect tool to stop them.

Sessions are also usable alongside the room view in Dentally's calendar to present times when certain practitioners may be working in a particular surgery - keeping the team once again connected and up to date with practice goings-on. You can read more about rooms in Dentally here

To find out a little more about Sessions and how you can book them out in your calendar, take a look at our handy help article

Whether you're looking to improve practice organisation or make things a little easier for practitioners - Dentally rotas and sessions can help, along with our many other time-saving tools. Speak to our team to find out more at now.

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