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Patient Management

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How to remove the unseen burden on your team?

The everyday tasks involved in running a dental practice can be endless, creating an unseen burden upon your team while they juggle workload and patient care. Failing to embrace automation tools can inadvertently cast a shadow over your practice - impacting not just patient care but it can lead your staff to feel unhappy and demoralised.    

Let’s take a moment to explore the unspoken burden that your team deals with day to day and how automation can help to remove the stress and improve efficiency, enabling better care for your patients - nurturing both staff loyalty and patient retention in equal measure. 

Save time

Time is the silent currency that we all wish we had more of! In a busy practice, time is a precious resource. Without automation tools, routine tasks such as patient communication, reminders, recalls, appointment scheduling and reports can not only add to the pressure your team is under but can result in missed appointments, poor treatment adoption and frustrated patients if not carried out consistently. The benefit of automation means you have a powerful tool at your fingertips that allows you to do more and stay connected – without the added stress. 

Appointment management 

Running a manual appointment system can be time consuming. With missed calls to juggle whilst trying to optimise white space within an unorganised diary can be frustrating to both your staff and your patients.   

eyJwYXRoIjoiZGVudGFsbHktaGVucnktc2NoZWluLW9uZVwvZmlsZVwvd0d0VjlxU2dMOXN5dWtxRDU4QngucG5nIn0_dentally-henry-schein-one_DqdNjRyhZiQpdrUcswYXhELTdORDdpyd2IaM2-8T-cEUsing a calendar to manage your appointments, quickly linking family appointments, and identifying white space means you can ensure that you are using the zones in your diary in the right way whilst optimising chair time utilisation and revenue opportunities. It also allows you to deal with short notice cancellations and emergency appointments with ease -  ensuring patients are receiving the right care at the right time as they work through treatment plans.   

Stay connected. 

In the absence of automated communication tools, your team will never have enough time to care for patients in practice - as they will be too busy with appointment reminders and telephone calls. This manual effort can be costly, leaving room for error and missed appointment times. 

Automation tools allow you to manage all of your communication at the right interval, using your patient’s preferred method - email, SMS or post. It increases engagement, is less intrusive to the patient and provides a more effortless experience improving your patient care, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and loyalty. 

Data management 

Managing patient files can be hugely time consuming, but using software that intuitively helps you find the right patient and correct file can be a much simpler process for your team - especially when they are busy. 

Plus, cloud-based software is backed up multiple times during the day. This means that none of your team need be concerned with rotating data tapes and external hard drives, and we test the backups for you as well, taking the hassle of everyday data management out of your hands. 

Reporting at your fingertips 

Reporting can often be challenging, but cloud practice management software like Dentally enableseyJwYXRoIjoiZGVudGFsbHktaGVucnktc2NoZWluLW9uZVwvZmlsZVwvWTNhQnJjYmtjSFBNTnNhRlpzQ1AucG5nIn0_dentally-henry-schein-one_bXGvmdVFWRc7mAiKwsEKrrC75ADoQOaALmMEEBQPEnI your team to run their favourite reports whenever you need them - whether you are looking for a snapshot or a detailed analysis. Reconcile your income report and takings reports with just a couple of clicks, ensuring your patient payments and financial records are always up to date. 

Time to make a change

Change management can seem a daunting task but working with an experienced and approachable team like Dentally, means we help every individual at your practice learn and embrace the software. They are fully supported at every step to ensure an onboarding and transition that is seamless.    

We help you and your team see the benefits of cloud software from day one and help them understand how automation can revolutionise their day and give them back valuable time to focus on patient care. Talk to us today about Dentally, the future in practice.

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