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Customer Success Programme

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Unwavering commitment to you

In the world of software development, there are of course will be many companies that claim to be the ‘forward thinkers and the innovators’ but sustaining this through investment and team effort is a different story. 

For the team at Dentally, innovation is not just a buzzword used in passing conversation. It is an integral part of our DNA. Our software is designed in collaboration with dentists, and we listen to our customers voice - we are committed to making their lives easier and we do that through not just big steps that push boundaries but by small meaningful steps to evolve even the smallest task or feature for our users, whether they are working on the reception desk or in the clinical team. 

Investment that matters. 

We do invest financially as you might expect but we also importantly invest time and focus our energy; the Dentally team really cares about our customers - we want to make their lives easier and give them the time they need to deliver exceptional patient care to the people who matter.    

We don’t just keep pace, we sprint at times and other times we walk with our users - ensuring what we develop in the software really does make a difference to the way they manage their business, take care of admin, allocate tasks, and deliver clinical treatments. 

Evolution of customer success 

Innovation is not just a one-time thing, we are constantly evolving so whatever challenges dentists face, whether it is staff shortages or dilution of patient income through the cost-of-living crisis, we are there to support them. 

Support and customer success for us is not just about providing great solutions and tools that removes the burden of practice management admin, but also in the support we provide in terms of customer success. Our dedicated programme, Elevate, does just that. 

Our dedicated customer success programme is more than just a support team or help centre, it’s about supporting practices in several key areas including: Elevate (5)

  1. Automating your patient communication. 

  2. Using the data effectively to manage and grow your dental practice. 

  3. Keeping your appointment book full, reducing FTA’s and optimising chair time utilisation. 

  4. Delivering an exceptional patient experience and building loyalty to drive patient retention. 

  5. Reviewing your online presence and reputation to support new patient acquisition. 

  6. Improving the efficiency of your surgeries and team through automation and best practice.

  7. Financial management including increasing your treatment acceptance.  

Our team of consultants work closely with practices, using data insights to support our customers achieve their goals and also drive some of the areas we focus on in our product development.

Shaping tomorrow, today 

Cloud technology has proven to be transformative in dentistry in recent years, and at Dentally we continue in our dedication to deliver on our promise - providing dentists and their teams with an intuitive solution that works for today and enables them to adapt in the future. 
You are not just choosing software, you are deciding who you want to work with to navigate the challenges you face and help you sustain and grow your dental practice - delivering the best possible patient care with software that works for you, your team and your patients. Find out more today. 

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