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Reporting: Treatment Plan Reports

Reporting is essential to the success of your dental practice. Reports can help you understand your practice finances, your chair utilisation time and pay your associates. With reporting, you can make strategic decisions, follow up and track patient journeys and treatments, and streamline practice processes.

Dentally reporting can be used to gain insight into your practice from short snapshots to in-depth, detailed data and supports real-time decisions that will impact your practice.  

This month we have decided to focus on different reports within Dentally, so you can fully understand them, implement their findings into your practice and combine them auspiciously to create detailed insights and practices processes. 

Today we look at Treatment Plan Reports. Under the treatment planning report section in Dentally, you will discover an array of reports including - Treatment Plans, completed but not closed, unbooked treatment, unfinished treatment, practitioner activity and Radiograph audit. When used together and correctly, these treatment plan reports help you understand your practice better, identify gaps in revenue and start filling chairs and making money. 

After all, your practice is your business, and a business must make money. 

Treatment Plan ReportWhy Dentally - Lightening fast reporting

Some common questions we often hear at Dentally from our customers are: 

'How do I find out which plans have all the NHS work completed, but have not had a claim submitted yet?'

'Where can I see all the open courses of treatment I have?'

The Treatment Plan Report will be your best friend in these scenarios - use it to identify a treatment that needs more work completing and identify any NHS plans that have not been claimed. The wide range of filters available makes it easy for you to display particular information that you are hoping to gain. By combining these filters, you can find different permutations of the treatment plans status.

Read more about the specific ways you can use the Treatment Plan report and the combination of filters you need to achieve certain results here. 

Unbooked Treatment Report

The Unbooked Treatment Report is a tool that can help you gain insight into missed revenue by identifying any patients who require further appointments to finish a treatment course but have not yet booked them.

Ease of use remains at the heart of all that we do - our filters have made it easy to find the information you are looking for. 

You can easily find patient's who are on private plans who have had some treatments ticked off but, the treatment has not been marked as complete, and the balance has not been paid. By using this report, you can ensure you are providing the best level of care to your patients and that your practice remains up to date on all of its due payments -benefitting you and your wider team. 

Read more about the Unbooked Treatment Report here. 

Practitioner Activity Report Why Dentally - Time reporting - illustration

The Practitioner Activity report is another tool created by Dentally. It helps Practice Managers, as well as individual practitioners, track their activity. 

By utilising filters, Practice Managers and other users with appropriate permissions can see how much has been earned by each practitioner and the time they have spent earning it. The discovered information can then be used, by the Practice Manager, to pay associates appropriately. 

Activity can be broken down by category and treatment - so that you can see how many diagnostic treatments for example have been completed and by who. 

Read more about the Practitioner Activity Report here

 The Treatment Plan Report section is a great way for you and your team to understand your practice and keep track of uncompleted and unfinished treatments whilst ensuring all practitioners get paid appropriately, and patients receive the best care. Speak to our team today to find out more at

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