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Summer School: Automation

As our Summer School series draws to a close - you should be feeling confident and knowledgeable in the many ways Dentally can help you streamline your practice.  This week, our final week, sees us look at Automation within Dentally and how you can utilise it to enhance the efficiency and success of your business. 

Automation within Dentally

Automation is all about saving busy dental practitioners time by minimising the time you spend on repetitive admin tasks. The more time you spend on admin tasks, the less time you have to focus on all-important patient care. By implementing a practice management system that simplifies the admin process, you can ensure that you have more time to do dentistry. 

There are so many ways that task automation within Dentally can positively impact your practice. Speak with our support team now at to start streamlining your business today or read some of our user stories here.  

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