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Reflections on 2018

At this time of year it is easy to forget all of the things that have happened for (and to) us as a business, our customers and our team in 2018.  As you know Dentally is not your average company!  Our team are passionate about designing the best dental software on the market, they are making a difference to dentists lives with cutting-edge, cloud-enabled tools for their patient management - and this year, the work we have undertaken has been no exception to that statement!

It seems like a good time to reflect on some of the highlights from the past 12 months of 2018.  So, before we welcome 2019 and make our new year resolutions, here is a snapshot of just some of the things that Dentally has been busy with over the last year:

January - We were delighted to announce that Dentally was an approved software supplier for transmitting claims to the Scottish Board via eDental.  We also completed the work that enabled NHS Ortho practices to use Dentally.

February - Dentally attended the AEEDC Dental Show in Dubai for the first time.

March - We worked on families this month, allowing practices to link members and enable family appointment bookings - to improve the overall patient experience.

April -  The 2018-2019 NHS fees in England and Wales were announced and were set within Dentally to ensure all clients could continue their NHS work seamlessly.  Plus; we welcomed Jonny back to the team as one of our developers.

May - A busy month for us as we attended British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show which saw over 9,321 visitors attend this inaugural event at the NEC.  We launched a partnership with Planmeca, the world’s leading manufacturer of digital imaging equipment, so that we could provide an ongoing end-to-end clinical workflow for our dental professionals.  It was also a period of new product developments from Dentally including automatic invoice and payment explanations.

June - Product updates this month included custom fields.  This meant practices could add their own fields to a treatment plan, such as a text box or a dropdown menu, that could be filled in each time they do a treatment - yet again saving our customers valuable time!

July - We introduced a change to the way invoices could be changed in Dentally, allowing a reception team to edit and add sundries to an invoice, improving invoice efficiency within the practice.  In addition, we appointed a new head of marketing, Clare.

August - Dentally launched a new website, to showcase our dental patient management software, allowing visitors to navigate through some of the key features of the software.

September -  We welcomed Goodteith to the Dentally family.  Goodteith has been supplying Scottish Dental practices with dental software since 1999, and was designed and developed by Alistair Johnston when he was principal dentist at the Callander Dental Practice.  It has and continues to be an exciting time and we continue to work closely with Alistair and the Goodteith customers to migrate them seamlessly across to Dentally.

October - We attended the BDIA 2018 at ExCel in London with our largest stand to date and showcased some fantastic new product developments, including; treatment plan templates, automated recalls and new functionality to our iPad app. Also two new team members joined the company; Stoo, a developer and Rosie, within our Support team.

November - Saw yet more product improvements, such a new integration with Rego, changes to medical history details and full approval and compliance to the phase 2 reforms to the NHS Scotland Practitioner Services Division e-Dental Programme.  For one team member, Sam, it was an exciting time as he married his long-term girlfriend.

December - The final month of the year has been a busy one, we are a remote-based team but the whole company came together for a week-long 2019 planning trip.   We can’t wait to unveil some of the exciting developments we have in store for the new year.

Dentally is trusted by over 4,000 dental professionals both in the UK and abroad, who can work smarter, work remotely and work securely with this easy-to-use dental practice management software.  

We would love to know your 2018 highlights, so why not email us or follow us on Facebook and post your memorable professional moments.

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