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Changelog August 2017

This months changelog contains a number of handy improvements to treatment plans and for good measure, we've fixed a number of particularly annoying bugs.

🆕 New - Chart notes can now be edited for up to 24 hours after the item was completed. No more racing to complete your notes before the patient reaches reception.

🆕 New - Treatment plans can now be duplicated. This should make it easier to present the patient with a range of treatment options.

🆕 New - Appointments in the chart can now be moved to another treatment plan. Great if the patient decides to delay certain treatment but you want to finish off the current course of treatment.

🆕 New - Treatment plan nicknames. You can now give treatment plans a nickname to make it easier to distinguish between the different options you have presented the patient with.

🆕 New - Ever forgotten to save your notes? You'll now get a handy reminder that you have unsaved changes if you try and leave the patient's chart for greener pastures.

🆕 New - If you're the type that likes to have multiple NHS contracts then you're going to love that the NHS UDA report can now be broken down per contract.

🌟 Improved - The New Patients per Month report can now show you the number of patients per acquisition source as well as per payment plan.

🌟 Improved - The appointments per month report now shows totals for the number of unique patients and the total number of hours of appointments. For an extra bonus you can now choose to exclude patients who have future appointments booked from the report.

🌟 Improved - It's now easy to change the practitioner that the treatment plan belongs to.

🌟 Improved - You can change the NHS exemption that's linked to the treatment plan without going into the NHS claim.

🌟 Improved - The recall report now asks if you want to clear your selection if you have sent the recalls, so you can select some more patients without it hanging onto the ones you have just processed.

🌟 Improved - Set the sent date on letters. On the letter view screen you can click and set the date the letter was sent. Dentally Mail sets this date automatically.

🌟 Improved - When creating an estimate it now automatically sets the practitioner to the person the treatment plan belongs to.

🌟 Improved - When creating a new popup note the text box is now auto-focused for speedy entry.

🌟 Improved - For our multisite practices, the list of practitioners that is shown in the chart will now only show those at your current location.

🐛 Fixed - You can now add and edit a user's middle name.

🐛 Fixed - The BPE due reminder icon is now cleared as soon at the BPE has been saved.

🐛 Fixed - A very annoying issue when editing a user's name. The user no longer moves up and down the list as you type.

🐛 Fixed - SMS and Emails can again be sent from the calendar when right clicking on the appointment in multi-day view.

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