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Auto explanations revisited

Since the early days Dentally has featured automatic invoice & payment explanations. This great timesaver is enjoyed by many users, however our initial implementation was rather conservative and only linked invoices and payments when there was an exact match.

This left out some common situations such a single payment taken against multiple invoices. Which required reception to manually explain the payment. Our new update extends this feature to handle these situations and save staff even more time.

Now when a new payment is taken and there is no matching invoice the payment is allocated to any outstanding invoices; starting with the oldest and carries on allocating against invoices until the whole payment is accounted for. The same process occurs when a new invoice is created and unexplained payments (eg. a deposit) exist.

This covers the large majority of payments however negative payments which require supplementary information in the explanation comments will still need a human touch. Similarly if you wish to add additional information or explain manually you can still do so by clicking on the bin icon to delete the explanation allowing you to create your own.



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