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Early daze at Dentally

Bill is the latest addition to the team at Dentally and joins Sam on the Sales team. Bill came to dentistry over 20 years ago, previously providing systems to GP's. With years of experience in the industry he can help you with all your software needs. Here, he tells us all about his first week at Dentally and how he is adapting to cloud software life.

I have just come through my first week with Dentally and I’m getting answers to the questions that all new employees have. I am getting to grips with a new messaging system, CRM, accounts etc. and as such I now have a renewed understanding and empathy of the emotional rollercoaster that a practice team goes through when upgrading to a new dental practice management system.

About me

I came into the dental industry over twenty years ago arriving at a time of transition in the software world with the emergence of Windows into an environment dominated at the time by MSDos. It was the Windows graphical interface and mouse that liberated the user from having to remember endless commands and made it practical to link computers together and thus enable teams to share and work cooperatively on data within a Local Area Network(LAN).

The Future

As I join Dentally, another equally significant stage of the digital evolution is underway with the move from practice based and maintained networks to Cloud computing. Dentally cloud computing is transforming the way dental teams are accessing their data and freeing up clinical, management and staff time to focus on the things that really matter in business and life.

Gone are the limitation of the LANs which means a Dentally practice can operate its surgeries across multiple buildings with the patient records equally available at each location.

Gone too are the issues of managing the server, running the updates and backing up. With Dentally the data is captured and securely stored online in real time.

I come from a classic Windows network environment where the server is key and its store of data must be protected and backed up in case the worst happens. One in which upgrades where viewed with some trepidation by the team and as a pain by the person responsible for running them as it takes time and can mean a persistent requirement to replace the hardware to speed things up.

It is a revelation to discover that it doesn’t have to be that way. That with Dentally the data is safe and available and that accessing it is just a matter of having a Chrome enabled device and the right password.

I've seen the evolution of the digital record and the move to paper-free practices and I'm excited to be part of the next stage which Cloud based online access. The route ahead is opening up and Dentally are leading the way.

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