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Freshen up your inbox

We can all appreciate how easy it is to miss an email when your inbox is absolutely full with messages, whether they are SMS or emails.  All you see is a huge list, some with recognisable contacts so you know they are known to the dental practice and some with random numbers!  Ploughing through an inbox like this eats time and before you know it, hours have passed - and you sometimes feel like there is no end to it!

But what if you had an inbox that allowed you to filter per site, by recognised contacts, by SMS and emails and was visually more appealing?  Surely this would make it a much less daunting daily task for the dental reception team, save valuable staff time and ensure a more efficient way of responding to urgent messages?  Well help is at hand with the new refreshed Dentally inbox!

We have listened to our customers feedback and given the inbox a new look and feel, that allows for a more appealing way of dealing with day to day correspondence for the practice.

Clearer organisation:

Now the Dentally inbox features tabs across the top to show you the different types of messages you have;  Your SMS, Unassigned SMS, Your Email and Unassigned Email. This allows you to quickly review your messages.   

If the email or SMS address is recognised then Dentally will automatically list them with the patient’s name and add to the patient’s correspondence history on the patient record.  If the message is unassigned because the incoming address or number is not recognised, you can quickly assign these to the patient for future reference, these are now kept separate in the inbox to make dealing with these messages easier.  

Inbox tabs

Multi-sites simplified:

If you are a multi-site practice then it will help assign the message to the correct location for you with a simple to use drop down menu. 

Inbox multi-site

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