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Dental software that grows with you

Innovation is at the heart of Dentally, that’s why we work with thousands of dentists worldwide to ensure we’re constantly developing powerful tools that help take the stress out of daily practice life. Our team listen closely to the changing behaviours of the dental industry and the needs of our users to carefully adapt and evolve our software – with Dentally, your team should always have everything they need at their fingertips so they can have more time for what’s important, patient care.

Being cloud based dental software, your updates happen with little to no disruption to your practice – they happen in the background throughout the day so you can keep your practice running smoothly whilst we deliver new features that can help you run your practice more effectively... and don’t worry we always give you plenty of notice! Details of any new updates are always communicated via our blog, Help Centre and directly through Dentally so you can always stay in the loop and quickly learn how to get the most out of any new developments.

But don’t just take our word for it, let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting updates we’ve implemented over 2023... and a few new product additions!

Effective task management 

As you may know, Dentally allows users to assign, track and manage workloads using our task list feature. From chasing payments to following up appointments, Dentally task lists allow practice teams to effectively manage workloads, improving productivity and time management.

This year, the team elevated this feature with the addition of task notifications. Adding an extra layer of organisation to your tasks, users can now:

Stay in touch with patients• Be notified if another user assigns you a task

• View a visual countdown of the due date on the main task list

• View a visual countdown of the due date within patient records if it is related to that patient.

These new prompts are helping teams to prioritise workloads in a new way, whilst ensuring nothing gets missed.

We also understand that there are times when you may need patients to complete tasks too, especially if they have an upcoming appointment. This year we added a task reminder feature to Dentally Portal, which uses smart automation to identify patients with outstanding forms and send them a reminder to complete them prior to their arrival in practice. This ensures that your practice team has everything they need to provide the best possible care when the patient arrives for their appointment, whilst maximising form completion rates – something you can now also report on your Dental Patient Portal manage app using the all-new Performance Reporting Feature!

Clinical notes reimagined

We know that as practitioners, having accessible clinical notes presented in a clear and agile way is key to a smooth patient experience. You can now view and read clinical notes directly within a patient record without navigating to another screen – it's presented in a new convenient sidebar alongside any historical notes. 

This year we’ve also enhanced the way you create notes. Dentally offers you the option to create templates for clinical notes you find yourself using frequently, in turn cutting down time and creating a consistent approach to the way you present your notes. With the new clinical notes templates selection screen, finding and applying the relevant template is now easier than ever. Complete with new features that allow you to:

• Filter by shared and personal templates to find the most appropriate template

• Customise existing templates to fit requirements of new notes

• Easily preview, insert and remove templates

• Create and use shortcuts to insert a template for even quicker charting!

Dentally Portal developments

Dentally Portal is our platform that empowers patients to take control of their own oral health journey using cloud-enabled online booking, forms, medical history and communications. Help-Centre_Dentally Portal

In addition to the developments previously mentioned in this blog, we’ve recently introduced Book Together – a new feature that allows your patients to book multiple appointments through a single workflow e.g. their regular check-up AND an appointment with the hygienist. Booking these appointments concurrently can increase attendance rates due to the greater level of flexibility being offered, which in turn can improve treatment success and in turn patient satisfaction rates.

Book Together has been built with smart technologies that check several conditions before offering this as an option to patients to ensure it makes sense logistically for the practice and within the patient's usual/recommended appointment intervals. You can read more about the Book Together conditions here.

Dentally Vision

If you haven’t yet heard... new for 2023 is Dentally’s cloud-enabled imaging solution, Dentally Vision!

Help-Centre_Dentally VisionDentally Vision completes the clinical workflow for practitioners by capturing, storing and presenting diagnostic images entirely within the cloud. Streamlining this process with powerful tools that retain image quality whilst minimising upload/download time, improves patient experience by giving your clinical team more 1:1 team with the patient as opposed to more time spent behind the computer.

With a toolkit of features that enable you to use your images in a way that works for your practice, saving, annotating and exporting diagnostic images has never been so easy, it can all be done within Dentally!

Want to hear more about the latest in Dentally innovation? You can find all of our latest updates on our blog or if you have any questions/suggestions about a feature that could help your practice, please do get in touch today – we're always looking for new ideas!

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