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Bulk emailing with Dentally

At Dentally, we understand that time for busy dental practitioners is a commodity. We know that you want and need a practice management system that will help ease the burden of everyday practice life and provide you and your time with more time to deliver the best patient care possible. That is why we have put in place tools to minimise admin burdens, improve communications and streamline processes - so you all have more time to do dentistry.

From helpful reporting and automated communication to easy charting and invoicing - Dentally has several tools to help take the stress out of everyday practice life. One, in particular, that could be extremely useful to your team is bulk emailing. 

Bulk Emailing

At times your practice may need to cancel a large group of appointments - whether that be due to power shortages, practitioner illness,  government guidelines etc. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure - contacting each patient individually is time-consuming and may not be that efficient. With Dentally, you can reach all of your patients booked in that day to let them know their appointment has been cancelled and reassure them of the process you will undertake to ensure everybody will get rebooked.

It is much easier to retain happy patients and happy patients form when they are communicated with, kept up to date and in the loop with their dental care and feel informed about what is happening at their dental practice (so they know what to expect!)

With Dentally, you aren't restricted to emailing alone - we understand different patients will have different correspondence needs, and you as a practice will need to reach all patients - no matter their preference. That is why you can send out bulk messages by email, SMS, or postal mail. Read more about postal mail with Dentally here. 

Bulk editing appointments is easy - find out how here in our detailed and helpful support article. 

Removing recipients and adding more than one day

Now you understand how to bulk message patients - you may be wondering whether or not you can unselect certain patients, for instance, if you have accidentally selected a patient you can still see etc. You can do this easily by selecting remove patient or simply unticking the patient from the list.

If you know your practice will be shut and unable to carry out more than one day's worth of appointments, you can scroll to the next desired day on the calendar and select the patient, in the same way, to inform them too. 

At Dentally we work hard to ensure your practice runs smoothly, including when things don't always go to plan. That is why we have made communication processes both effective and efficient. Talk to our team now at to find out more. 

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