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Easing patient anxieties with Dentally

Visiting a dental practice can be a daunting experience for some patients - no matter how safe and clean you believe your practice to be. 

Those who fear the dentist will struggle to voluntarily enter a dental surgery unless they have a reason, whether that be severe pain or a chipped tooth. As a dental practitioner, we understand that you need to ensure you can carry out your duty of care by putting steps in place to guarantee that every patient feels supported, safe and well communicated with - that they feel reassured enough to attend their appointment and retain loyalty to your practice.

Technology is constantly advancing, and we are finding ourselves increasingly immersed within the power of the internet - from skyping family and friends to online banking and remote working. We can achieve so much by leveraging the power of the cloud, whether at home or work. 

 Dentally understand that patients are as versatile as your practice itself. Each patient will have different preferences, views and concerns. Our cloud-based practice management makes streamlining your practice easy, communications clear, and your environment safe and welcoming to all. To help bring in those patients who otherwise may be reluctant to do so. 

A streamlined practiceDentally chair

By streamlining your dental practice, you are, in turn, managing your time. Through the functions of Dentally, you can utilize your time wisely and dedicate more of it to patient care. The best patient care will help to ensure your patients feel comfortable and safe under your service. 

One tool that you can find within Dentally is Automation. You can automate your patient communications, schedule messages, appointment booking, invoices and post-appointment documents - all of which can help streamline the practice and save your team valuable time. Any documents that require signatures and reminders will be handled automatically and effortlessly, with no chance of missing any vital processes. After all, we are all humans,  and mistakes can happen.

This powerful tool within Dentally alleviates the pressures of everyday practice management and makes the process effortless. So you, your team and your patients can rest easy knowing that everybody is up to date, appointments filled, and people have confidence in the professionalism of your practice. 

Increase Communications

Now that you know, you can automate your communications within Dentally to ensure that no vital messages go amiss and everybody knows what is happening. There are other ways that Dentally allows for your practice to enhance communications and increase patient loyalty. 

Dentally knows that during the hectic running of a dental practice creating documents of a similar type repetitively throughout the same day can become a tedious and time-consuming task. However, communicating and professional documents are a pivotal part of ensuring your patients know that you are a trustworthy dental practice and the right place for them to go.  Our practice management software enables you to create templates so that you do not have to recreate a document every single time you need it. dentally-art-03b-1

When creating a new piece of correspondence for a patient - you can create a template within Dentally customised to your practice branding and logo. The template includes all of the important details - saving you and your team time and ensuring that your patients feel secure knowing that your practice is professional and organised.

Preferred Correspondence 

Dentally understands that each patient is different and that they will all have their preferred methods of communication. Correspondences are adaptable to all measures of patients - from those who prefer emails and SMS to more traditional paper mail and telephone calls. 

Dentally has a correspondence method for all, and we are always striving to ensure ease of use for your team and a positive patient experience. Data tags within Dentally ensure that each correspondence is tailored to your patients so that each and everyone can feel valued and important.  

Dentally is dedicated to ensuring that ease of use, time and money-saving are at the heart of all that we do. So, that as a practice owner, you can feel secure in the knowledge your practice is in the best hands with our cloud-enabled practice management. That your patients trust in your practice ability to provide them with the best patient care possible, alleviating their dental fears and transforming them into reliable and dedicated patients. 

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Switching to Dentally can help you engage new patients, and build trust and loyalty between your practice and them. Minimise their anxieties and help increase oral health care and provide the best care possible with Dentally’s cloud-enabled practice management software. Chat to the team to find out more or organise a demo at today.

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