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Dentally - New and Improved

You may have noticed that we have had the new version of Dentally in open beta for a few months now. We would like to kindly thank everyone for the feedback they have given us during this time, you have really helped make Dentally better for everyone.


There have been plenty of updates and improvements to the system, not least an overhauled user interface which looks a lot cleaner and improves usability.

Some of the new features you may have seen:

  • You can now create a patient straight from the calendar. Handy for when you want to book an appointment for a new patient
  • Improved and more detailed reporting
  • View NHS claims straight from the patient record
  • It is now easier to create members of the same family as Dentally will automatically duplicate their shared details like address and phone number
  • Both treatment and appointments can now be re-ordered on the chart
  • Templates for SMS and emails
  • Notifications for when an NHS claim is rejected or queried
  • A revamped dashboard jam packed with your practice's KPIs
  • A patients treatment history is now searchable
  • Improved support for iPad and other tablet devices
  • Radiograph audit report
  • Cleaned up the practice settings page

We've also been busy adding some bigger features...

Postcode Finder

Our address lookup tool allows you to enter a postcode, click search and select the address you want. It helps you save tim when registering new patients and can also be used to clean the address data of your existing patients.

Appointment Booking Notes

Annotate unbooked appointments in the chart. This update helps improve communication between the surgery and reception. The annotations can be added on either the chart page or from the patient's list of unbooked appointments.

Dentally Pay

Dentally Pay allows you to charge your patients with a single click. It's revolutionary approach not only saves your staff time on reception but it also helps reduce bad debts. You can find out more about Dentally Pay here.

Unlocking Treatment Plans & NHS Claims

You can now unlock any NHS claims that you need to make edits to. You can also unlock any treatment plans. Just follow the video in the link to find out how.

Multi Day View

The multi-day view is an improvement on the five day view in the classic version of Dentally. This view shows you the next 5 working days in the calendar, significantly improving patient appointment visibility.

Faster Support

We've overhauled the way you get in touch with us when you need help. You can now contact support and see our reply without ever leaving Dentally. We've removed the long and tedious form that you previously needed to fill in every time you had a question. It's now just a text box, it couldn't be simpler.

The Dentally Help Center has got a new location and new look. We've added lots more content and started including videos for a more interactive experience. We've already published videos on our most frequently asked topics and there's even more in the pipeline.

As well as all these changes we are always updating our changelog with the latest features, add-ons and fixes. You can find the changelog here and it's updated frequently.

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