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Cloud in lockdown: Cloud for your patients

As we continue our ‘Cloud in lockdown’ mini-series, today we take a look at how you can support your patients as we regain a sense of day-to-day normality, by creating an end to end contactless experience with our Patient Portal.

Before their appointment

At Dentally we understand the importance of looking after your patients from the very first instance, particularly during the current climate. With our Patient Portal, you can grant them the ability to complete all of their essential admin in the safety of their own home, prior to their upcoming appointment, ensuring they feel both confident and prepared. As a practice, you can customise the forms that are made available to your patients so whether you’re an NHS practice and require FP17 PR forms to be completed or are looking for a convenient way to roll out the new COVID-19 screening form, introducing this crucial step will:

  • Reduce excess time spent in practice with non-clinical staff.

  • Limit the risk of cross-infection by eliminating now unnecessary touch points and help you identify any red flags ahead of their arrival into the practice.

  • Give your staff more time to do dentistry and focus on in-practice COVID-19 safe procedures.

    dentally-illustration_patient comms
  • Complete your patients' pre-appointment journey by integrating seamlessly with Online Booking - empowering them to book, manage and rearrange their own appointments without needing to contact your reception team.

  • Increase the level of security surrounding sensitive medical data, by allowing patients to independently complete and update information.

The day of their appointment

It’s possible that your patients may feel apprehensive when attending their upcoming appointment so equipping them with everything they need to make their experience as seamless as possible is vital. 

Transitioning to a Contactless Reception with Patient Portal features will aid this process whilst ensuring the line of communication between you and your patient is stronger than ever. Utilising the cloud to retain this level of customer-centricity is what will reinforce patient loyalty and ultimately save your admin team valuable time… with only two simple steps:

1. The patient can check-in using their secure login in to the Patient Portal.

2. Once your patient has arrived on-site and has checked in, by clicking on the link, both the Practitioner and Reception Team will be notified of their arrival, because the Portal will automatically update the record in Dentally.  The patient is able to wait wherever they feel comfortable and can be contacted only when your team is ready to receive them.

After their appointment

At Dentally we appreciate that optimising your patient’s experience should extend further than when  they reach the examination chair. Your patient’s departure is a critical window that can reflect on how they view and possibly review their entire journey with you - that’s where we come in.

dentally-icon_icon_safe-dataOffering an alternative contactless payment solution through secure payment links introduces a degree of flexibility that can support both your team and patients in these final stages. Once again minimising any unnecessary face-to-face contact, payment links integrate effortlessly with the patient’s record, allowing them to be sent a bill for any outstanding or upcoming treatment at the push of a button. The patient can then pay securely using their chosen device, either at home or as they leave the practice - leaving your admin team more time for sanitising between appointments. 

It doesn’t stop here, signing treatment plans and booking follow-up appointments from recalls can too be carried out independently by your patient, all directly through Patient Portal - mirroring the streamlined experience that is now not only required but expected by your customers.

To learn more about how Dentally’s cloud-enabled solution can support you in rebuilding an effective contactless patient experience post-lockdown that will set you apart from your practice counterparts, get in contact with our team today at

The day of their appointment

The day of their appointment

The day of their appointm

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