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Changelog 6th November 2015

New: You can now add a NHS Number to a patient's record.

New: Patient's accounts can now have opening balances.

Improved: It's now quicker and easier to delete radiographs and photos from a patient's chart.

Improved: It's now easier to spot any errors when saving treatments.

Fixed: A bug where medical history questions would appear duplicated duplicated after saving a new medical history history.

Fixed: Plain text emails you had received weren't displayed correctly. You can now view them in their entire plain text glory!

Fixed: We've removed the HTML that was displayed when hovering over a note, making it easier to read.

Fixed: Should you wish, you can now upload a patient profile image from the patient's chart.

Fixed: You can now delete correspondence that you've uploaded to a patient's record.

Fixed: It's now possible to record a patient's occupation within the new version of Dentally

Fixed: The totals displayed in the takings could be wrong if filtering the report by payment plan.

Fixed: When creating a recurring appointment, the +4 Years button now does as it says.

Fixed: Enabling Two Factor Authentication is now possible from the new version of Dentally.

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