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Changelog 16th September 2016

New - It's now possible to email estimates, invoices and letters from Dentally. More details of the dental software improvement here.

New - You can now create and print letters to patients directly from the calendar. Just right click on the appointment and select Create Letter to see a list of your letter templates.

Improved - More patient titles. If the patient title isn't in the pre-defined list of patient titles then simply select "Other..." and enter whatever title you'd like.

Improved - Whilst on the patient title theme... When adding a new patient, if you select a title that suggests that the patient may be female then we'll automatically set their gender accordingly. Saved you a click.

Improved - The Cold Patients report has been renamed to The Lapsed Patients report as this title makes a bit more sense. Whilst we were at it we also allow you to now filter the report by dentist and payment plan.

Improved - We've also improved the Invoices Report so that you can now filter the report by the patients account balance (in credit, debit etc.)

Improved - The Appointments per Month report has also had a bit of love. It'll now show you how many hours of appointments each practitioner has booked each month. You can also see how many hours of appointments the entire practice has completed. Yippie!

Improved - Even more report love, we've tidied up some of the reports so that they only show you active patients.

Improved - Searching for patients with double or triple barreled surnames.

Improved - After completing a treatment plan, if the patient's recall dates are in the past, we'll now automatically move them forward for you. Saved you a click!

Improved - Searching treatments is now limited to the selected treatment category.

Improved - The extraction icon now appears as an X when the extraction is planned and changed to a missing tooth when the extraction has been completed.

Fixed - We've fixed a pesky bug that meant that some invoices weren't automatically explained when they could have been.

Fixed - Chart appointments will now always collapse if every item of treatment in the appointment has been completed.

Fixed - We've fixed a bug that prevented you from selecting and copying treatment notes.

Fixed - We noticed payment comments weren't being displayed on the patients accounts page so we've added them back to mirror the functionality of Classic Dentally.

Fixed - Whilst editing treatment settings, if you had really, really long notes the text box could sometimes overlap other settings. Now the text box just keeps growing so that your notes can be as long as you like.

Fixed - Right clicking on an appointment when in multi-day view on the calendar now brings up the dropdown menu again.

Fixed - When searching for an appointment space occasionally you would encounter a very annoying bug that would cause the list of times to appear before vanishing.

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