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Changelog 16th December 2016

It's a shorter changelog from us this month as we've been working on some behind the scenes improvements and upgrades. We've also been working on some great new features that we'll be announcing early in 2017 so stay tuned for those.

🆕 New - You can now merge two patient records in Dentally. See this support document for more details

🌟 Improved - Searching for patients is now faster and more deterministic as the results will be displayed alphabetically by last name and then first name

🌟 Improved - To provide greater visibility when we can't deliver an SMS to a patient, say because their phone is switched off, we'll now return the message to your SMS inbox so you can follow up with the patient by a different method.

🌟 Improved - Finance and American Express payment methods are now available from the dropdown list when processing a payment for a patient.

🌟 Improved - When uploading a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, plain text or RTF file to Dentally we now show you a placeholder image indicating what type of file it is rather than a broken image placeholder.

🌟 Improved - You can now re-send yourself a copy of your Dentally invoice should you misplace the original.

🌟 Improved - We've updated the NHS Claims Report to clarify that the ID shown is the ID of the NHS claim and not the ID of the treatment plan

🐛 Fixed - Changed the spelling of colour to the UK spelling.

🐛 Fixed - Dashboard Open Treatment plans figures no longer include archived patients

🐛 Fixed - You can again use CTRL+S (or CMD+S on a Mac) to save a patient's record in Dentally.

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