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Changelog 15th January 2016

A New Year means we've been extra busy. Checkout the latest updates and improvements to your favourite dental software, Dentally!

New - Ever wanted to find out more details about a patient without the hassle of going to their record? Well, now you can!

New - At long last you can create and edit your medical history questions without help from us.

New - You can now contact support from directly within Dentally. You'll get notified as soon as we reply as well. No more messing about with emails.

New - Ever wondered how your practice is performing week on week? Well the new practice stats report is the one for you!

New - You can hide and show all practitioners in the calendar with just one click

Improved - When submitting an NHS claim the contact now defaults to the last one you used. Saved you a click! (Well two clicks actually.)

Improved - If you can't find your patient's occupation on our handy default list you can now simply create a new occupation

Improved - If we can't send an SMS to a patient, you'll now get a handy notification letting you know why

Improved - A patient's audit history can now be filtered by user, action and event

Improved - Inactive payment plans are now hidden by default

Improved - You no now longer have to worry about leaving patients "In Surgery" as we'll now update their recall dates if you do.

Fixed - When creating a letter, the second line of the address could occasionally be missing

Fixed - When submitting an NHS claim, the list of the patient's exemptions may not always have been complete.

Fixed - Adding a new medical history now clears the medical history warning on the patient's record.

Fixed - If another user deleted a payment there was a slight chance that you might sill be able to see it. We've now made that impossible.

Fixed - Right clicking on a patient in the waiting room and opening their record in a new tab is now possible.

Fixed - When uploading patient correspondence, Dentally would always show the date that the item had been uploaded rather than the date you had selected. That's been fixed as well.

Fixed - Hiding and showing practitioners in the calendar wouldn't be reflected in the appointment search. You can now hide and show practitioners all day long.

Fixed - Re-ordering a treatment plan sometimes meant that the text couldn't be highlighted. You can now highlight away to your hearts content.

Fixed - Changing the same filter on a report in very quick succession could sometimes cause the filter to stop working. We've now fixed that.

Fixed - If you receive an SMS from a number you don't recognise it's now easier to see the phone number that sent the message

Fixed - The two factor code input box now autofocuses when the page loads. Saved you another click.

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