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Changelog 15 July 2016

It's been a very busy month here at Dentally Towers. We've released lots of great new features to make running your dental practice that little bit easier.

New - Dentally for iPad is now available!

New - Security improvements including login hours, improved two-factor authentication and more.

New Template notes. Find out more here

Update - We've announced that on the 1st of January 2017 we'll be retiring the classic Dentally user interface.

Improved - We've improved the look of some of the icons in Dentally when using Safari on a Mac.

Improved - You can now hit the escape key to dismiss an alert pop up box.

Improved - When moving an appointment on the calendar you now get a warning to confirm the move. This should prevent appointments being moved by mistake.

Fixed - An issue where clicking on an appointment in the calendar would sometimes try and take you to the record of a patient that didn't exist.

Fixed - When setting the text for a patients medical alert, clicking Cancel would clear the input instead of doing nothing. Now clicking cancel leaves the medical history alert text unchanged. Promise.

Fixed - Occasionally a patient will still get an appointment SMS reminder even after you'd deleted their mobile number. We'd now made sure that once their number has been deleted they'll no longer hear from you again.

Fixed - There was a slight error in calculating the DMF scores for child patients that had more than one filling.

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