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Changelog 20th November 2015

New: Radiograph Audit Report. Full details here

New: NHS practices can now claim for Advanced Mandatory Services

Updated: We now autosave NHS claims if the NHS exemption is changed

Fixed: Setting a patient's occupation on a new patient record is now totally possible.

Fixed: The NHS have a habit of telling us a claim has been both accepted and rejected at the same causing the status of the claim on Dentally to be out of sync with what's reported on your NHS portal. We now detect and avoid this situation which should prevent any more Schrödinger claims.

Fixed: Footnotes generated from templates now show correctly on estimates 1

Fixed: The payment plan selected when adding a payment now defaults to that of the patient.

Fixed: The start and end dates of an NHS claim now follow the timezone of your practice rather than the timezone of your computer

Fixed: When sending a letter to a patient, we now automatically include their title in the address field

Fixed: If an NHS claim is withdrawn, we now track which user withdrew it.

  1. Sorry about that

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