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Changelog February 2017

🆕 New - Dentally now integrates directly with Xero - the best online accounting software for small businesses. You can find the full details, including how to link it to your dental software on our blog.

🆕 New - As we're getting closer to the end of the UDA year, we've released a report that allows you to forecast the number of UDAs that are currently in progress. It also warns you if a treatment plan is about to breach the NHS's infamous "2 month rule". Super handy! Head on over to the Dentally reports page to get forecasting.

🆕 New - You can now add your own appointment reasons in addition to the default Dentally ones. A word of warning, you'll still need to use Exam, Scale & Polish and Exam + Scale & Polish when booking those types of appointments for your recalls to work correctly. We are working on improving this so stay tuned for future updates.

🆕 New - Ever wanted to change the background colour of the calendar? We'll we've created something we've called Appointment Sessions that lets you do exactly that. Some practices use it to signify which type of treatment can be booked in during a period. Other practices use it to allocate time for private patients. Other just really like the colour purple. Appointment sessions are highly customisable and can be used to signify pretty much anything you like. Configure yours from the calendar settings.

🆕 New - You can now record details of phone calls you have with patients from the patient's correspondence page.

🆕 New - Continuing with the integration theme, Dentally now integrates directly with Dental Referrals to help you with referrals to NHS England, Hospital and Community trusts. You can find out if your CCG is supported on the Dental Referrals website.

🆕 New - You may have noticed a 🆕 icon in the calendar! We'll now display this icon for all patients that were registered within the last 30 days. Want to find out if this is the patient's first appointment I hear you ask? Easy! Simply hover the patient's name and look for the last appointment date in the popup. If this is blank, it's the patient's first time at your practice.

🆕 New - We've added [patient_last_fta_appointment] to our list of data tags. This one will display the date and time of the last appointment the patient failed to attend.

🌟 Improved - Now you can specify which payment plan you'd like to use as the default for new patients. Huzzah!

🌟 Improved - You can now edit and duplicate recurring appointments. Much faster!

🌟 Improved - Occasionally, an appointment in the chart would accidentally be linked to the wrong appointment in the calendar. Simply click the new unlink button in the chart to allow the appointment to be booked again.

🐛 Fixed - Estimate footnotes are now formatted correctly.

🐛 Fixed - Occasionally you couldn't archive an email from the inbox - now everything can always be archived.

🐛 Fixed - We now no longer show an expired NHS exemption in the patient's list of exemptions when submitting an NHS claim.

🐛 Fixed - If the duration of an appointment was increased there was a delay before this change was synced with other users at your practice.

🐛 Fixed - A users title can now be edited.

🐛 Fixed - The "Save" button is now highlighted in blue when you change a patient's acquisition source.

🐛 Fixed - A bug with the dashboard where the total number new of patient's for "yesterday" also included patients for today.

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