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Changelog 19th February 2016

Just a quick update today...

Improved - Only allow treatment to be charged if it will generate an invoice. This means that £0 charge treatments will only enter the patient history when you complete a treatment.

Improved - Back by popular demand, you are now able to view multiple days in the new calendar.

Fixed - NHS claims - An English only code was being included.

Fixed - NHS Contracts - Newly created NHS contracts are now defaulted to active, as you would expect.

Feature - Custom patient fields

Improved - CliniView can now be bridged to Dentally.

Improved - Dentally bridge now supports mac imaging programs.

Improved - Dentally bridge for Romexis OSX

Bug - Assigning to a patient workflow

Improved - Add payment webhooks to the API

Improved - Only warn about uncharged treatment if the treatment has a price

Improved - Only set the SQ ID on claims when the claim is completed or queried

Bug - Ensure we always have a practitioner when dragging an new appointment

Improved - Add descriptions to SMS statuses

Bug - Patient document sent or received value now gets correctly set

Bug - Ensure the calendar only shows dates that the practice is actually open

Improved - Remove uncharged treatment warning from Classic Dentally

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