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Creating a culture in your practice

Culture in any company is important. It is a part of every bit of your company. But how do you influence it?

Well, it's in everything you do. Your leadership style and personality, your behaviours and values, your expectations and how you communicate with staff members. It is the very essence of how you run your practice.

When taking over an established practice or starting a new one you will need to encourage how this culture evolves. To strengthen and develop your company culture you should have an open and honest meeting with all your staff members. Discuss your short, medium and long term goals. Ask your staff to identify how the culture could be improved, what is currently working. This will allow your company to be all on the same page. When everybody is working towards the same objective, everyone will be happier, leading to an improved and thriving dental practice.

Company culture is about leadership, so having the right leaders in the right positions is key. Hiring the right people, who complement your strengths and weaknesses will fill gaps in your own leadership abilities.

Getting these leaders, whatever their position, to help you build and work as a team will build a sense of unity and community, which fosters culture.

Maintaining the culture

Once the culture is in place, it takes to work make it stay around. Nurturing the culture is needed. Remember, that culture is about having fun too. Of course, a tech company can get away with more fun than a medical practice but there are ways to engage employees. Take them to a wine tasting, hold a contest, or just give people the freedom to relax. This will also improve their work rate.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to be a believer in your vision. They need to buy into the vision of your company.

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