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Changelog June 2017

🆕 New - Estimate price comparison. When creating an estimate you can choose to compare the price to that of another payment plan.

🆕 New - Dentally now supports MEDiVision.

🆕 New - Naughty patients that don't pay their bill can be marked as bad debtors. Doing so will display warning flag in the patient's record and when booking an appointment.

🆕 New - Unused NHS exemptions can now be removed from a patient's record.

🆕 New - We've added a rate limit to our API. Find out the full details here.

🌟 Improved - Marking a treatment as complete automatically changes the practitioner who did the work to the person who ticked the item. This is only if they are a practitioner, of course.

🌟 Improved - When forwarding or replying to an email, the original message is now shown inline when replying rather than being added to the message afterwards in some kind of magical and confusing way.

🐛 Fixed - Your practice's logo on medical history printouts has been put on a diet and should appear at a more sensible size.

🐛 Fixed - A bug that prevented invoices with a total price of zero from being deleted.

🐛 Fixed - Recurring appointments are now created in the correct timezone for your practice.

🐛 Fixed - The SQ Indicator option was sometimes set on NHS claims when it didn't mean to be. No more submitting claims twice. Huzza!

🐛 Fixed - A withdrawn NHS claim now stays withdrawn. We promise.

🐛 Fixed - The footnote on printout of a patient's future appointments is formatted in the same way as it appears in the settings of Dentally.

🐛 Fixed - When two become one... 🎵 Windows users should notice the treatment list only has a single vertical scroll bar as two was one too many.

🐛 Fixed - When printing a statement of account, credit notes will be displayed in the credit column hopefully reducing confusion amongst those patient's who are in credit with you.

🐛 Fixed - For multisite practices, a patient's recall history may have appeared incomplete when viewing it under specific conditions.

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