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Changelog for May 2018

  • Template - Changelog May 2018

🆕 New - Patient communications

🆕 New - GDPR compliance

🆕 New - Takings report

🆕 New - Bulk edit appointments

🆕 New - Session appointments

🆕 New - Recurring appointment for rooms

🆕 New - Multisite reports for patients, rooms,

🆕 New - Auto explain one payment against multiple invoices

🆕 New - Word document templates

🆕 New - Advanced reporting

🆕 New - Hover charting

🆕 New - Update recalls from a phone call

🆕 New - Moving appointments between sites

🆕 New - Create sundry items

🆕 New - Owandy imaging bridge

🆕 New -

🆕 New -

🌟 Improved - Undeliverable emails are now returned to the practice inbox

🌟 Improved - Increased the page area to detect when a file is being dragged to start and upload on patient chart and correspondence

🐛 Fixed - Scottish NHS claims with a claimant sometimes meant you had to go back to the beginning of the claim

🐛 Fixed - Issue where canceling a chart image upload would result in an error

🐛 Fixed - Clicking appointment on patients appointment tab now works with the multisite calendar

🐛 Fixed - Webhooks for patients with images

🐛 Fixed - Validation of dates when filtering reports

🐛 Fixed - Issue where appointments were not always fully rolled back on cancelation of editing

🐛 Fixed - Auto downloading of files which was broken in a recent chrome update

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