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Changelog February 2018

🆕 New - We've added support for Family Groupings, more info available here.

🆕 New - Dentally now supports claims for NHS Scotland under the new eDental system. Check out our blog here.

🆕 New - NHS Orthodontic (UOA) claims are now supported in England & Wales.

🆕 New - All of the reports in Dentally are now fully multi-site compatible.

🌟 Improved - You can now create a recurring appointments for rooms as well as practitioners.

🌟 Improved - The takings report has had an overhaul. It now shows summaries for payment methods, payment plans and practitioners. You can now also filter payments by explanation status to find any payment that haven't been fully explained.

🌟 Improved - Deleting exemptions now prompts you with an are you sure message.

🌟 Improved - The last exam and last hygiene tag used in emails and text messages now includes the year if they are more than 9 months ago.

🌟 Improved - We've improved the text editor in Dentally which fixes a number of bugs - primarily around copy and paste. We've also made it easier for you to find your template notes.

🌟 Improved - We've made a number of improvements to the beta version of the Patients Report. You can now save your reports to view them later. The data exported now matches what is visible on your screen.

🌟 Improved - Multiple pricing for treatments now works for multiple surfaces as well as multiple teeth

🌟 Improved - Negative invoices are now displayed as a Credit Note and negative payments are displayed as a Refund

🌟 Improved - You can now change the payment plan for all treatments on a treatment plan in a single action.

🐛 Fixed - Estimates did not format paragraph breaks in payment terms.

🐛 Fixed - When editing an appointment on the calendar, the list of practitioners is now in alphabetical order. Users are also in alphabetical order when uploading an image to the chart.

🐛 Fixed - The Template Notes settings page now loads quickly for those of you with hundreds of template notes. You can now also search your existing templates.

🐛 Fixed - On a rare occasion it was possible to receive the error "Practitioner seems to be missing" when booking appointments in room view in the calendar. This has now been fixed.

🐛 Fixed - The list of appointments would sometimes fail to load when using the Bulk Edit Appointments feature.

🐛 Fixed - When exporting the Unbooked Treatment Report to a CSV the entire list may not have been fully exported.

🐛 Fixed - We now fully support currencies that have thousands of a subunit, for example the Bahraini Dinar

🐛 Fixed - When restricting when a user can login to Dentally, the time selection input wouldn't allow you to click on some hours.

🐛 Fixed - The second custom field input box wasn't fully visible on small monitors

🐛 Fixed - Duplicating an appointment now correctly copies the existing appointment notes

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