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Changelog 3rd June 2016

New - You can now send one off SMSs for an appointment. Simply right click on the appointment and select Send SMS. You can also double click the appointment to edit it and then click on the mobile phone icon.

Improved - We've spent a lot of time improving the load performance of the chart which should now be faster than ever before!

Improved - Previously when rebooking an appointment you'd need to cancel the first appointment and then create a new appointment for the patient's recall to be updated correctly. Now it doesn't matter which order you do this.

Improved - Since users with permission level 2 can create estimates, we thought it would be a good idea if they could delete an estimate as well. So now they can.

Improved - The "Saved" notification was taking a little to long to hide so we've reduced the duration so that it no longer gets in the way of things.

Improved - The estimate template will now default to the one you last used.

Improved - We've added the appointment index to the chart so it's easier to see which is the first, second, third etc. appointment

Fixed - Long pauses when navigating between pages was good for giving you chance to reflect on life but after some reflecting ourselves we thought it would probably be better if we just loaded the page immediately instead.

Fixed - When clicking Save you may have seen an error even thought there was nothing wrong. Now, you should only get an error if something goes wrong. Much better!

Fixed - Sometimes the filters on the recall report would get out of sync. They no longer do that!

Fixed - The navigation menu in Dentally is supposed to stay hidden if you'd been using Dentally for more than 10 days however it would pop out again if you'd cleared your browsing history. It now been told to stay hidden regardless of if you've cleared your cookies or not.

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