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Changelog March/April 2016

We've been slacking on the changelog recently so here's a bumper addition for your reading pleasure!

Improved - Best Practice Prevention has gotten even better. Can you believe it?

Improved - Making it easier to fill out your NHS claims.

Improved - We've improved our migrations from competitors. Now with added Sundries.

Improved - NHS submissions now notify you if you entered details wrong. Don't worry, mistakes happen to the best of us.

Fixed - The practitioner select dropdown in the NHS claim form.

Fixed - Various bugs and errors. This is vague but the details would just bore you.

Improved - Clicking the appointment time in the chart now takes you to the calendar.

Improved - Recalls.

Added - International text messaging. Contact your patients from all over the world!

Fixed - Prevent applying plaque readings on locked perio exams. Previously locked exams would update when teeth icons were clicked. Any changes would not be saved but the fact the chart could still be visually manipulated was a source of confusion for some.

Fixed - Loading a patients plaque exam via a direct URL. Previously loaded a blank chart.

Fixed - Using the "Show all" button in the calendar when the practitioners had previously all been hidden.

Feature - Added supports having multiple bridges at the same time.

Improved - Archived patients no longer appear in the search results when searching by postcode or date of birth unless an astricks(*) is included. Archived patients will still always appear when searching by a phone number.

Improved - Archived patients now have an handy icon.

Improved - The menu which appears after right clicking on an appointment now disappears if you don't interact with it.

Added - Currencies. Take payment in any currency you want! (Might be handy post-Brexit!)

Improved - Medical histories. Print, save, make them a PDF. All the options you could want.

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