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English & Welsh 2018 NHS fees already set in Dentally

The 2018 NHS fees for England and Wales have been released in recent weeks. In summary, in case you’ve missed it, they are to be the following:


Band 1 and Urgent – Increases by £1 from £20.60 to £21.60

Band 2 – Increases by £2.80 from £56.30 to £59.10

Band 3 - Increases by £12.20 from £244.30 to £256.50


Band 1 and Urgent – Frozen at 2017-18 charge levels - £14.00

Band 2 – Increases by £1 from £44.00 to £45.00

Band 3 – Increases by £5 from £190.00 to £195.00

As a dental software supplier, we always have to stay on top of any and all demands placed upon us from the board, as well as ensuring Dentally is always compliant.

The great news is that the 2018 English and Welsh NHS fees were already added to Dentally, a couple of hours after release. All the development work done, dusted, and the update pushed. As easy as that.

Plasticity of Dentally and ease of updating

All clients need to do is refresh Dentally at a convenient time, and a few seconds later the newest version of the system will be loaded - including the new fees. Our practices enjoy zero downtime, no messing around with servers, and certainly no coming in at the weekend to update servers whilst the practice is closed!

This is part of the magic as to why our dentists can enjoy a great quality of life. For us the new fees are one of many updates and improvements we are always making to the system. It is literally the case that we often push out a new update (or updates) every single day, meaning our system has rapidly grown, and improved.

We released a tonne of new features, improvements and fixes last month. Of which, if you are interested in finding out more, you can find the specifics here

Onto the next milestone..

We’re also feeling old today, as we’re nearing to 4 years of supplying dental software to both the UK and world-wide.

A testament to this is that earlier this month we achieved an exciting milestone. The dental practices we support have collectively invoiced more than £100 million of treatment to patients! That’s a lot of work!

This figure is rapidly increasing by hundreds of thousands of Pounds each day. So, it is safe to say we are forever learning, and have tonnes of experience with the inner workings of dental practices.

Next up on the list – 500,000 total NHS claims - achievable later this month. This goal is made significantly easier by us having NHS Scotland fully integrated into our system at the beginning of the year. Know any Scottish NHS sites considering a dental software switch? Ask them to get in touch! With more information on this development here

Dentally clients and prospective clients feel free to get in touch! We're always keen on feedback and thoughts, and happy to chat with new dentists. Say hi at

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